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Israel and South Africa

The Many Faces of Apartheid

Edited by Ilan Pappé

Israel and South Africa

Edited by Ilan Pappé

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225 pages | 5 x 9 | © 2015
Paper $21.95 ISBN: 9781783605897 Published November 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9781783605903 Published November 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Any time that a politician or commentator compares the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to South Africa under apartheid, the response is swift denunciation. Yet many prominent, respected academics and politicians—including Jimmy Carter—have drawn such parallels, arguing that Israel’s treatment of its Arab-Israeli citizens and the people of the occupied territories amounts to no less a system of oppression than apartheid did.

Peoples Apart marks the first major scholarly attempt to analyze the apartheid analogy and its implications for international law, activism, and policy making. Gathering contributors from a wide range of disciplines and fields, including historians, political scientists, journalists, lawyers, and policy makers, the collection offers a bold, incisive perspective on one of the defining moral questions of our age.
Introduction: Ilan Pappe

Part 1: Historical Roots
1. Ronnie Kasrils - 'Birds of a Feather: Israel and Apartheid South Africa - Colonialism of a Special Type'.
2. Ilan Pappe - 'The Many Faces of European Colonialism: The Templers, the Basel Mission and the Zionist Movement'.
3. Oren Ben Dor - 'Asking the Question of the Origin of Apartheid'.

Part 2: The Boundaries of Comparison
4. Jonathan Cook - 'Visible equality'' as Confidence Trick'.
5. Leila Farsakh - 'Apartheid, Israel and Palestinian Statehood'.

Part 3: Nuanced Comparisons
6. Anthony Löwstedt - 'Femicide in Apartheid'.
7. Amna Badran - 'The Many Faces of Protest: a Comparative Analysis of Protest Groups in Israel and South Africa'.

Part 4: Future Models and Perspectives
8. Steven Friedman - 'The Inevitable Impossible: South African Experience and a Single State'.
9. Virginia Tilley - 'Have We Passed the Tipping Point? Querying Sovereignty and Settler Colonialism in Israel-Palestine'.
10. Ran Greenstein - 'Israel/Palestine and the apartheid analogy: critics, apologists and strategic lessons'.
Review Quotes
John J. Mearsheimer, University of Chicago
"It is clear from this finely crafted collection of essays that Israel has much in common with white-ruled South Africa. Indeed, The Different Faces of Apartheid provides abundant evidence that Israel is worse than South Africa was, and that Israeli apartheid will be more enduring than the South African variant. This smart and informative book should be read by every person who cares about Israel and its victims."
Victoria Brittain, author of Shadow Lives: The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror
"A key book for deepening the discussion of Israel as an apartheid state of a special kind, and for exploring a different future for Palestinians. The essays give no easy answers, but much food for thought, and for hope. This book's insights and analysis will be widely debated—it should be a best-seller."
LSE Review of Books
Israel and South Africa could well become essential reading for anyone interested in the intrinsic nature of the Israeli state’s colonial and segregationist system, as well as the lessons to be drawn from a comparison of the Israeli and South African contexts. The authors argue for the need to explicitly call Israel an apartheid state, and demonstrate how much there is to learn from the successful fight against apartheid in South Africa. In such a heated political and academic debate, this book is a welcome contribution: one which will surely bring about important animated discussions, including with regards to the possibilities of a single-state solution.”
Africa at LSE
“The collection provides some excellent moments of reflection on apartheid in South Africa that are given new perspective through exciting comparative scholarship and can also aid in deciphering the post-apartheid trajectory of the country.”
Electronic Intifada
“This book explores the similarities and dissimilarities between Israel today and South Africa during its apartheid era. . . . A rich accumulation of material.”
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