Inside Out Victory Boogie Woogie

A Material History of Mondrian’s Masterpiece

Edited by Maarten van Bommel, Hans Janssen, and Ron Spronk

Inside Out Victory Boogie Woogie

Edited by Maarten van Bommel, Hans Janssen, and Ron Spronk

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

320 pages | 188 color plates | 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 | © 2012
Paper $39.50 ISBN: 9789089643735 Published July 2012 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

An arresting piece in his signature primary color palette, The Victory Boogie Woogie is the final work by abstract painter Piet Mondrian (1872–1944). An important contributor to the De Stijl movement, Mondrian died before he could finish the painting, leaving swathes of unpainted canvas and many unanswered questions behind. Inside Out Victory Boogie Woogie is a pioneering study that carefully considers every aspect of the piece, from the tiniest detail in the physical painting to the minutiae of its conservation history. Through the methodical examination of this singular painting, the editors are able to offer a detailed and nuanced portrait of the artist himself and the rest of his oeuvre. From an exploration of Mondrian’s inspiration for the piece, to the sale of The Victory Boogie Woogie to the Dutch government in 1998 for nearly forty million dollars, which made it the most expensive painting ever bought in the Netherlands, this rich volume is a fully comprehensive history and analysis of what many consider one of the masterpieces of twentieth century abstract art.


1. The making of Victory Boogie Woogie
      Maarten van Bommel, Hans Janssen, and Ron Spronk
2. Looking at Victory Boogie Woogie
      Hans Janssen
3. Last night I dreamed a new composition": Historical sources on Mondrian’s final work
      Eric Domela Nieuwenhuis
4. The conservation history of Victory Boogie Woogie
      Esther van Duijn
5. The Mondrian and the money
      Nancy J. Troy
6. Technical studies of paintings by Piet Mondrian
      Ron Spronk
7. The chemistry of Mondrian’s paints in Victory Boogie Woogie
      Klaas Jan van den Berg, Costanza Miliani, Aldo Aldrovandi,
      Bruno G. Brunetti, Suzan de Groot, Kenza Kahrim, Matthijs de Keijzer,
      Henk van Keulen, Luc Megens, Antonio Sgamellotti,
      and Maarten van Bommel
8. CARTA as a research and documentation tool
      Maarten van Bommel
9. The first stages of Victory Boogie Woogie
      Hans Janssen
10. Victory Boogie Woogie up close: A study of the large color fields
      Madeleine Bisschoff and Maarten van Bommel
11. The role of the tapes in creating Victory Boogie Woogie
      Ysbrand Hummelen
12. Rhythms of Life: The reception of Mondrian’s Victory Boogie Woogie
      Marek Wieczorek

Appendix 1: Conservation reports
Appendix 2: Glossary
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