Gravity Does Not Exist

A Puzzle for the 21st Century

Vincent Icke

Gravity Does Not Exist
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Vincent Icke

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

112 pages | 25 color plates | 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 | © 2014
Cloth $14.95 ISBN: 9789089644466 Published August 2014 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
Every scientific fact begins as an opinion about the unknown—a theory—that becomes fact as evidence piles up to support it. But what if two theories exist that correspond perfectly to observed phenomena and they cannot be reconciled with each other? Can theory become fact? Such is the dilemma in contemporary physics. In seeking to understand the mechanisms of the universe, physicists have arrived at two conflicting theories: one explains the mystery of gravity through a precise model of space and time, and the other explains the mystery of matter via the behavior of quantum particles. Each theory reigns in its own domain. But 13.8 billion years ago, when the universe first came into being, gravity and matter belonged to a single realm. Can these theories be united, and if so, what facts will be revealed? This, contends Vincent Icke, is the central puzzle facing physics in our century. Combining Icke’s expertise with a robust argument and intellectual playfulness, Gravity Does Not Exist makes a notoriously difficult subject accessible to all readers interested in a deeper understanding of the universe in which we live.


The Process of Measurement

The Process of Progress

Laws Ain’t


Huygen’s Relativity



Absoluteness Theory

Gravity Does Not Exist


Jes’ Rollin’ Along

Feynman’s Web

A Twist to the Tale

Questions for the 21st Century

Small Moves, Ellie


Review Quotes
“An unusual and extraordinary description of modern quantum field theory and its relationship to gravity. . . . Highly recommended.”
Martin Veltman | Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 1999
“Icke takes on Einstein’s theory of gravitation and succeeds beyond one’s expectations.”
Jos Engelen | president, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research; former scientific director, CERN
“A fascinating view on two essential facets of modern physics: relativity and quantum theory—are they irreconcilable or not? An original explanation by a passionate expert all the way through to the foundations of the theory.”
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