Cloth $99.00 ISBN: 9781847423788 Published June 2009 For sale in North and South America only
Paper $46.95 ISBN: 9781847423771 Published June 2009 For sale in North and South America only

The Global Social Policy Reader

Edited by Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden

The Global Social Policy Reader
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Edited by Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden

Distributed for Policy Press at the University of Bristol

544 pages | 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 | © 2009
Cloth $99.00 ISBN: 9781847423788 Published June 2009 For sale in North and South America only
Paper $46.95 ISBN: 9781847423771 Published June 2009 For sale in North and South America only
A comprehensive and accessible guide to the key themes, issues and debates in global social policy. This Reader collects together key papers by international leaders in the field that cover the emergence of global social policy as a dynamic and expanding field, the transformation of welfare from a predominantly national to a global field of action, and the impact of globalisation on key welfare discourses and governance mechanisms. The global social policy reader will have broad appeal among undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of social science subjects, including social and public policy, social care and health studies, sociology, politics, economics, international relations and development studies.
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Section 1: Rethinking social policy in a globalising world
Chapter 1.1 Globalism and the study of social policy
      Bob Deacon, Michelle Hulse and Paul Stubbs
Chapter 1.2 Globalization and human welfare: why is there a need for a global social policy?
      Vic George and Paul Wilding
Chapter 1.3 Social politics and policy in an era of globalization: critical reflections
      Nicola Yeates
Chapter 1.4 Analysing transnational policy formation: the case of pensions privatization
      Mitchell A. Orenstein
Section 2: Global poverty and inequality
Chapter 2.1 Poverty, social exclusion and social polarisation: the need to construct an international welfare state
      Peter Townsend
Chapter 2.2 The international measurement of poverty and anti-poverty policies
      David Gordon
Chapter 2.3 Globalization, poverty and income distribution: does the liberal argument hold?
      Robert Hunter Wade
Chapter 2.4 Gender and poverty: how misleading is the unitary model of household resources?
      Jane Falkingham and Angela Baschieri
Chapter 2.5 Globalization and inequality
      Branko Milanovic
Chapter 2.6 The world distribution of household wealth
      James B. Davies, Susanna Sandstrom, Anthony Shorrocks and Edward N. Wolff
Section 3: Global policy actors, institutions and processes
Chapter 3.1 Organizational politics, multilateral economic organizations and social policy
      Robert O'Brien
Chapter 3.2 International class conflict and social policy
      Kevin Farnsworth
Chapter 3.3 The World Health Organization and global public-private health partnerships: In search of 'good' global health governance
      Kent Buse and Gill Walt
Chapter 3.4 New hope or false dawn? Voluntary codes of conduct, labour regulation and social policy in a globalizing world
      Ruth Pearson and Gill Seyfang
Chapter 3.5 The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: the politics of global health governance
      Jeff Collin, Kelley Lee and Karen Bissell
Chapter 3.6 ILO Philadelphia Declaration 1944
Chapter 3.7 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
Chapter 3.8 Declaration of Alma-Ata International Conference on Primary Health Care (1978)
Chapter 3.9 Millennium Development Goals
Section 4: Globalisations and welfare transformations
Chapter 4a.1 The logic of globalization: the changing context of the welfare state
      Ramesh Mishra
Chapter 4a.2 Too important to leave to the economists? The political economy of welfare retrenchment
      Colin Hay
Chapter 4a.3 After the golden age? Welfare State dilemmas in a global economy
      Gosta Esping-Andersen
Chapter 4a.4 Paradoxes of the competition state: the dynamics of political globalization
      Philip G. Cerny
Chapter 4b.1 At the global crossroads: the end of the Washington Consensus (Part A)
      David Held
Chapter 4b.2 Attacking Poverty and the 'Post-Washington Consensus'
      Paul Mosley
Chapter 4b.3 The private sector and privatization in social services: is the Washington Consensus 'dead'?
      Santosh Mehrotra and Enrique Delamonica
Chapter 4b.4 From 'safety nets' back to 'universal social provision': is the global tide turning?
      Bob Deacon
Section 5: Global social policy futures
Chapter 5.1 A possible world: democratic transformation of global institutions
      Heikki Patomäki and Teivo Teivanen
Chapter 5.2 Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum (June 2001)
Chapter 5.3 At the global crossroads: the rise of global social democracy? (Part B)
      David Held
Chapter 5.4 The basis of a new internationalism: cosmopolitan principles
      David Held
Chapter 5.5 Allocating a global levy
      Bob Deacon
Chapter 5.6 Towards a global social policy
      Ramesh Mishra
Chapter 5.7 Deglobalization: ideas for a new world economy
      Walden Bello
Chapter 5.8 Globalisation, regional integration and social policy
      Nicola Yeates and Bob Deacon
Chapter 5.9 A fair globalization: creating opportunities for all
      World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalization
Chapter 5.10 Migration in an interconnected world
      Global Commission on International Migration
Chapter 5.11 Closing the gap
      Global Commission on the Social Determinants of Health

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