Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia

Changes in Practice, Concepts, and Thinking in a Rising Region

Matthias Maass

Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia

Matthias Maass

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This book offers a variety of perspectives on Asia’s increasing diplomatic prowess, a phenomenon that has accompanied the region’s rapid economic and political development. The editor divides the collection into three broad sections: One group of contributors investigates the regional and international implications of a rising Asia. Another questions whether “Asia” is a useful way to describe several distinct sub-regions. And a third group probes the regional foreign policies of key players across the continent. Together, these contributions point toward areas of potential conflict and collaboration, providing an invaluable resource for diplomats, policy makers, and scholars.

1.          Introduction: Contextualizing and Problematizing the ‘Rise of Asia’

An Asia-Pacific Century?

Rising Asia        

Three Meta-Debates      

2.Still Searching for a Common Frequency: Silences, Cultural Gaps and Normative Deficits in Asia-Pacific Diplomacies   

Analysing Asia-Pacific Security Regionalism: Capturing Silences and Doubletalk       

The Nub of Track 2 Diplomacies: Noble Intentions and the Haze of Sifting through Disagreements

CSCAP General Conference & Workshop on Responsibility to Protect, November 2009    

Positioning for the Responsibility to Protect         

Main Sessions on ‘Regional Security Architecture’ and ‘Naval Build-Up in the Asia-Pacific’    

Analysis of the CSCAP case        Southeast Asia Regional Security Forum (SEARSF) June 2010        SEARSF 2010 Panel 1 – Northeast Asia in the Context of Southeast Asian Security       

SEARSF 2010 Panel 3 – Significance of ASEAN to Regional Cooperation 

Analysis of SEARSF      

Conclusion: Why is there no Common Diplomatic Frequency across the Asia-Pacific?         

3. East Asian Governance: Human Security, Development, and Exceptionalism      

Human Security, Development, and Governance  Human Security

Collective Goods          

4. International Politics in Northeast Asia: A Case for Stability         

Is Northeast Asia Headed for Demographic Peace?         

The Emerging Institutional Architecture in Northeast Asia: A Game on Two Chessboards? 

Nuclear Weapons and Strategic Stability in Northeast Asia 

Conclusion: Scenarios for Northeast Asia

China’s Hegemony        

The Balance of Power   

5. ASEAN and Its People: Regional Internationalism and the Politics of Exclusion 

Elites, People and Theories of Regional Integration          

The European Experience: Post-International Regionalism or Bringing the People In           

The ASEAN Model: Regional Internationalism or Bringing the National Elites Back In        

Bangkok + 40: What Is In It For the Southeast Asian People?        

6. Nonofficial Diplomacy in Southeast Asia: Civil Society or ‘Civil Service’? 

The Many Faces of Modern Diplomacy  

Nonofficial Diplomacy in Southeast Asia 

Civil Society Face of Nonofficial diplomacy        

“Civil Service” Face of Nonofficial Diplomacy    

7. China and India as Regional Powers:         

Policies of Two Aspiring States Intersecting in Burma       

Prospect Theory as Analytical Framework           

A Case-Study: Burma    

China-Burma Relations  

India-Burma Relations   

Chinese and Indian Presence in Burma: Waxing and Waning          

8. Reinventing Japan in the Asian Century: Toward a New Grand Strategy? 

Introduction: Japan in a time of troubles?

Explaining Japanese foreign policy and diplomacy

The foundations of Japanese diplomacy  

External drivers

Internal Drivers 

Japan’s grand strategy    

(i) Internal strategies       

(ii) External strategies     

9. China and Central Asia: Diplomatic Waltz:

An Analysis of China’s Methods in Interacting with Central Asian States      

Taking a Fresh Look: Introducing the concept of security identity  

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Pacific Affairs
“An informed and insightful reflection on some of the key dynamics shaping Asia and its place in the world.”
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