The Fateful Journey

The Expedition of Alexine Tinne and Theodor von Heuglin in Sudan (1863-1864)

Robert Joost Willink

The Fateful Journey

Robert Joost Willink

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Bold, headstrong, and fabulously wealthy, Dutch traveller Alexine Tinne (1834–1869) made several excursions into the African interior, often accompanied by her mother, at a time when very few European women traveled. The Fateful Journey follows her trip with German zoologist Theodor von Heuglin, which took them through Egypt and Sudan in search of adventure and unknown regions in Central Africa.. Drawing upon four years of research in the Tinne archives, and including never before published correspondence, photographs, and other documents, Robert Joost Willink presents a compelling account of their journey and its tragic ending. This exciting volume not only sheds light on Tinne’s life and times, it also offers captivating insights into the world of European adventurers in the 19th century.
            An enthralling mix of adventure and careful scholarship, The Fateful Journey creates a powerful portrait of Alexine Tinne throughout her life, from her start as a rich heiress in the Netherlands to her end as the intrepid explorer who risked—and lost—everything on a daring, doomed quest.

  The expedition and its failure
  The expedition’s protagonists
Chapter 1. Sudan: the place for adventure, trade and science
  Destination: Sudan
  John Tinne’s Lecture
  Sudan and its visitors
  Travelling beyond Upper Egypt
  The Tinne family: a Dutch-British connection
  Alexine Tinne’s lust for travel
  The Hague circles
  From the Netherlands to Sudan
  Heuglin in Africa: vice consul, traveller and scientist
Chapter 2. The White Nile and Khartoum
  The White Nile excursion of the Tinne party
  Khartoum in the summer of 1862
  Heuglin’s view on Sudan’s state of affairs
Chapter 3. Preparations for the journey
  Heuglin’s list of informants
  Heuglin’s preliminary trip
  Stopover in Khartoum
  The encounter of November 1862
  The ardent wish of reaching the Azande
  At one’s own expense
  ’A disorderly and rudderless machine’ 
Chapter 4. To the Bahr el-Ghazal
  Ahead to the Gazelle-river
  The departure of the Tinnes
  The arrival of the Tinnes at Meshra el-Rek
Chapter 5. Beyond the Bahr el-Ghazal
  Back and forth to Wau and Meshra
  Speke’s warning
  Crossing over the Rek
Chapter 6. The reversal of fortune
  A forced stay at ’Biselli’s’
  The retreat to Meshra
  Back in Khartoum
  Letters from Khartoum
  Musha Pasha’s case against Alexine
  The fourth bereavement
  From Khartoum to Berber
  Stopover at Suez
Chapter 7. A pause in Cairo
  Tidings from Cairo
  Eyewitnesses: Wilhelm Gentz, John and Margaret Tinne
  Meeting Gentz
  Heuglin and his Kneipe
  Margaret’s letters and John’s diary
  Alexine’s pursuit of Musha Pahsa
Chapter 8. After Cairo
  The final journey
  Heuglin’s reproaches
  The outcome of the Tinne journey on the White Nile
  The results of the Tinne-Heuglin expedition
  Alexine’s personal evaluation
  Alexine Tinne in a historical perspective
Epilogue: the Plantae Tinneanae
Appendix 1. The White Nile excursion of the Tinne party
Appendix 2. Khartoum in the summer of 1862
Appendix 3. Khartoum
Appendix 4. Sudan
Appendix 5. Letters A. Tinne from Khartoum and Berber
Appendix 6. Tidings from Cairo
Appendix 7. Petermann’s maps of 1865 and 1869
Explanatory notes to the consulted sources
Source Notes
Map of Egypt and Sudan

Catalogue. Ethnographic Collections 
  Introduction to the ethnographic collections  
  Notes Catalogue
  Catalogue: Alexine Tinne Collection
  Catalogue: Von Heuglin Collection
  The Tinne Collection. Appendix

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Foldout Map of 1865
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