Entangled Histories and Negotiated Universals

Centers and Peripheries in a Changing World

Edited by Wolf Lepenies

Entangled Histories and Negotiated Universals
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Edited by Wolf Lepenies

Distributed for Campus Verlag

345 pages | 6 x 8 | © 2003
Paper $42.00 ISBN: 9783593372808 Published May 2003
Entangled Histories and Negotiated Universals explores the changing field of local histories. Young researchers from around the world—including scholars from Canada, Mozambique, China, and Germany, representing fields as diverse as history, linguistics, political science, anthropology, medicine, and materials science—present their findings, all of which coincide in their understanding that local histories are inseparably intertwined and that, fundamentally, all history is the history of relationships.
Wolf Lepenies
Rethinking Science: From Reliable Knowledge to Socially Robust Knowledge
Helga Nowotny
Negotiating Scientific Knowledge
Caroline Baillie
The Bonds of Democratic Politics -- An Economic Perspective
Stefan Voigt
Transnational Corporations and the Bretton Woods Twins:  Beyond One-Dimensional Perceptions Or How Universals Can Turn Upside Down
Cord Jakobeit
When >>Should<< Does Not Imply >>Can<<.  The Making of the Washington Consensus on Corruption
Ivan Krastev
Audit, Corruption, and the Problem of Personhood: Scenes from Postsocialist Poland
Elizabeth Dunn
Domesticating Neo-liberal Discipline:  Transnationalisation of Law, Fractured States and Legal Plurality in the South
Shalini Randeria
Epidemics, Interzones and Biosocial Change.  Retroviruses and Biologies of Globalisation in West Africa
Vinh-Kim Nquyen
A Language is a Dialect that has a Search-Engine
Daniel Dor
Work and Politics:  Towards the End of National Hegemony?
Benedicte Zimmermann
Circulation, >>National Work<<, and Identity.  Debates About the Mobility of Work in Germany and Japan, 1890-1914
Sebastian Conrad
Work and Societal Order in Africa -- Negotiating Social Change
Elisio Macamo
Cultural Traditions and Contemporaneity -- the Case of the New Confucianist Debate
Yi Zheng
Agoras: Whose Voice is Heard?
S.C. Humphreys
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