Excavations on St Patrick’s Isle, Isle of Man, 1989-1992:

Prehistoric, Viking, Medieval And Later

Edited by David Freke

Edited by David Freke

© 2002
The excavations on St Patrick’s Isle have been the subject of over forty published articles and numerous radio and television broadcasts. However, this text is the first to provide such a detailed and comprehensive report of this ambitious and fascinating project.
List of Figures
List of Plates
Preface and Acknowledgements
The Setting and Background to the Site - David Freke
Documentary History
Sources for the Documentary History of Peel Castle - Ann Harrison
The Place-Name Evidence: an Alternative View - R.L. Thomson
Previous Work and Methodology
Review of Previous Archaeological and Repair Work - David Freke
Excavation Aims, Techniques and Structure of the Report - David Freke
Definition of Periods, Phases and Episodes
Prehistoric Activity
Period 1: Prehistoric c.5500 BC-c.AD 500 - David Freke
The Cemeteries: Early Christian to Post-Medieval
The Cemeteries: The Excavated Evidence - David Freke
Tenth-Century Graves: The Viking-Age Artefacts and their Significance - J.A. Graham-Campbell, with M.E.A. McCord, P.J. Ottaway, R.W. Sanderson, F.N. Shearman and P.R. Winsor
Skeletal Material - Stanley Rubin
Grave Data - David Freke
Other Excavated Features
General Long Sections through the Site (Figures 53-68)
Standing Masonry Survey - David Freke
Architectural Interpretation - H. Gordon Slade
The Stones in the Standing Masonry of the Lord's House - Eva Wilson
Bricks - Frank Cowin
Organic Material
Environmental Evidence from the Prehistoric Period - Philippa Tomlinson, E.P. Allison, J.B. Innes and H.K. Kenward
Interim Report on the Larger Mammal Bones - Philippa Tomlinson
The Small Mammal Bones - Clare Crellin
The Bird Bones - Clem Fisher
The Fish Remains - Andrew R. Hutchinson and Andrew K.G. Jones
The Molluscs - Nora McMillan
Scientific Dating
Archaeomagnetic Assay - A.J. Clark
The Carbon 14 Determinations - David Freke
Stone Artefacts
Prehistoric Lithic Assemblage- Sinéad B. McCartan
Slate Artefacts - David Freke
Baked Clay and Shale Artefacts - David Freke
Merels Boards - A.M. Cubbon
Early Christian and Viking-Age Sculptured Monuments - Ross Trench-Jellicoe
Architectural Fragments - David Freke
Miscellaneous Stone Artefacts - David Freke
Antler, Horn, Bone and Walrus Ivory Artefacts - David Freke
Metal Artefacts - David Freke with J. Graham-Campbell
Coins and Jettons
The 1982 Coin Hoard (82.150/C (263)) - W. Seaby
Coins other than the 1982 Hoard - Marion Archibald
Casting Counters (Jettons) and a Lead Seal - Margaret Warhurst
Vessel and Window Glass - Ruth Hurst Vose
Beads: Context and Catalogue - David Freke
An Archaeological and Scientific Study of 47 Glass Beads - Julian Henderson
Pottery - P.J. Davey
Clay Pipes - P.J. Davey
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