Cinema Beyond Film

Media Epistemology in the Modern Era

Edited by François Albera and Maria Tortajada

Cinema Beyond Film

Edited by François Albera and Maria Tortajada

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

224 pages | 6 3/10 x 9 1/2 | © 2010
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Cinema Beyond Film elaborates on the theoretical uses of two key terms—dispositif and episteme—in order to examine their relationship as well as their larger connections to film, technology, and modernity. Although both terms originate in the work of Foucault, dispositif (“device”) intrinsically links itself to the mechanics of movement and speed behind cinematics, while more generally referring to the mechanisms and structures that hold power in place. Episteme(“to know”), on the other hand, refers to the conditions and possibilities of knowledge and reception, more than to technological innovation. Each term is explored here in relation to the other, allowing this edited collection to assess the wide array of potential materialities that arise from the mechanics behind cinema and the changing face of its technology.

Introduction to an Epistemology of Viewing and Listening Dispositives by François Albera and Maria

1   Epistemology

The 1900 Episteme
François Albera and Maria Tortajada

Projected Cinema (A Hypothesis on the Cinema’s Imagination)
François Albera

The Case for an Epistemography of Montage: The Marey Moment
François Albera 

The ‘Cinematographic Snapshot’: Rereading Etienne-Jules Marey
Maria Tortajada

The Cinematograph versus Photography, or Cyclists and Time in the Work of Alfred Jarry
Maria Tortajada

2   Exhibition

Dynamic Paths of Thought: Exhibition Design, Photography and Circulation in the Work of Herbert Bayer
Olivier Lugon

The Lecture: Le Corbusier’s Use of the Word, Drawing and Projection
Olivier Lugon

3   Body and Voice

Dancing Dolls and Mechanical Eyes: Tracking an Obsessive Motive from Ballet to Cinema
Laurent Guido

From Broadcast Performance to Virtual Show: Television’s Tennis Dispositive
Laurent Guido

The Lecturer, the Image, the Machine and the Audio-Spectator: The Voice as a Component Part of Audiovisual Dispositives
Alain Boillat

On the Singular Status of the Human Voice: Tomorrow’s Eve and the Cultural Series of
Talking Machines
Alain Boillat

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