Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9780917860478 Published April 2003

Charting Louisiana

Five Hundred Years of Maps

Edited by Alfred E. Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese

Charting Louisiana
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Edited by Alfred E. Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese

Distributed for Historic New Orleans Collection

John R. Hébert, Consulting Editor
408 pages | 193 maps and more than 40 chapter illustrations; all full-color plates | 14 x 12 | © 2003
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9780917860478 Published April 2003
To celebrate the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) has pursued the ambitious goal of publishing an atlas that depicts Louisiana's history through maps. The result of those efforts is Charting Louisiana. This book, THNOC's bicentennial gift to the public, offers a rich selection of historic and contemporary maps from various sources that collectively illustrate the region's diverse history, from its multinational colonial experiences to the modern American state.

Charting Louisiana presents 104 maps from THNOC's holdings, representing the full range of the institution's cartographic treasures. The atlas also features sixty-seven important works from the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress—custodian of the largest cartographic collection in the world—and contributions from other United States repositories, including the Louisiana State Museum and Chicago's Newberry Library. Archives in France, Spain, Great Britain, and Mexico generously provided the balance, as befits Louisiana's international history.

The product of this cooperative effort is an unprecedented compilation of 193 high-quality reproductions of important maps illustrating the development of Louisiana from the early sixteenth century to the present, along with historical essays providing a broader context for understanding the maps. Complete with a detailed cartobibliography and list of selected readings, Charting Louisiana is a lush, captivating, and valuable source of information for history buffs, scholars, and map lovers, providing ample opportunities for new interpretations of the state's history as well as that of the nation.
Foreword by Mary Louise Christovich
Introduction by John R. Hébert

Chapter 1
Discovery and Early Cartography of the Northern Gulf Coast
Paul E. Hoffman

Chapter 2
La Louisiane / La Luisiana: a Bourtcbon Colony
Alfred E. Lemmon

Chapter 3
Forming a General Geographical Idea of a Country:
Mapping Louisiana from 1803 to 1820
Ralph E. Ehrenberg

Chapter 4
Mapping Louisiana in the Nineteenth Century
Mark F. Fernandez

Chapter 5
Torrents of Change: Louisiana in the Modern Age
Jason R. Wiese

Chapter 6
New Orleans through Three Centuries
John T. Magill


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