Paper $62.00 ISBN: 9781933253084 Published May 2007

Collection Conundrums

Solving Collections Management Mysteries

Edited by Rebecca A. Buck and Jean Allman Gilmore

Collection Conundrums

Edited by Rebecca A. Buck and Jean Allman Gilmore

Distributed for American Alliance of Museums Press

150 pages | 8 x 10 1/2 | © 2007
Paper $62.00 ISBN: 9781933253084 Published May 2007
Collection Conundrums provides guidelines for investigating and determining what to do with the oddities found in every museum collection -- objects without record, identification or sometimes even a location. Written by registrars Rebecca Buck and Jean A. Gilmore, editors of the best-selling Museum Registration Methods 5th Edition, this  volume contains essential information for museums large and small, new and old. The text features a history of registration methods and the standards for collection documentation and care, along with sample documents such as loan agreements, co-tenancy agreements, storage agreements, and deed of gift. Essential reading for everyone involved in collections planning and management.


1.            Introduction, History, Terminology

               Public Trust

               The Accessioned Object

               History of Collecting and Development of Standards

               Museum Collections Terminology

2.            Conundrums and Their Resolutions

               Systematic Approaches: Introduction to Object Conundrums

               Old Loans by Ildiko DeAngelis

               Found in Collection

               Unsolicited Deposits

               Finding Lenders, Donors and Artists

               Minor Conundrums

               The Stranger Within: Managing Supplemental Collections by Holly Young

3.            Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

               Just Say No!

               Policies and Procedures

4.            Case Studies

               Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture: Complexity and Care in the Inland Northwest by Rebecca A. Buck

               Accessioning the N. C. Wyeth House and Studio by Jean Allman Gilmore


                A. Museum Unclaimed Property Law

                B. Affidavit

                C. Incoming Receipt

                D. Incoming Deposit-for-Storage Agreement

                E. Storage Agreement Release

                F. Deed of Gift

                G. Deed of Gift of Fractional Interest

                H. Promised Gift

                I. Co-Tenancy Agreement

                J. Joint Ownership Agreement

                K. Incoming Loan Agreement

                L. Outgoing Loan Agreement


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