Corporate Power and Social Policy in a Global Economy

British Welfare under the Influence

Kevin Farnsworth

Corporate Power and Social Policy in a Global Economy
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Kevin Farnsworth

Distributed for Policy Press at the University of Bristol

232 pages | © 2004
Paper $41.95 ISBN: 9781861344731 Published January 2004 For sale in North and South America only
Spanning the complete era of the Conservative governments and the first term of New Labour, this book looks at mechanisms of corporate power and influence; corporate opinion and influence in a range of social policy areas including: education, training, health and social security; changing business influence on social policy in recent years in an international context and business involvement in social policy initiatives and welfare delivery.By exploring business views and opinions, power, influence and involvement in social provision, this book helps to address important questions in social policy and, in so doing, goes some way towards closing a gaping hole in the current literature. The book's breadth and multidisciplinary approach will appeal not only to students of social policy, but also to students of business, public sector management and politics, their teachers and policy makers in the field.
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1. Introduction: globalisation, corporate power and social policies
    Business influence on social policy
    Defining the variables and scope of this book
    Theoretical framework
    Investigating business power and influence on social policy
    Structural power and social policy
    Corporate agency and social policy: business opinion, business action and business influence
2. Business and social policy
    Influence through action
    Influence through structure
    The variability of corporate power
    Integrating agency and structure and arriving at a useful model of business influence
    Models of welfare state development
    Business and social policy
3. Globalisation, corporate structural power and social policy
    Economic globalisation and the welfare state
    Assessing the impact of globalisation on corporate structural power
    Globalisation, changing corporate structural power and its implications for British social policy
4. Globalisation, Europeanisation, corporate agency power and social policy
    Globalisation, Europeanisation, corporate agency power
    Key international and European business organisations
    Globalisation, business agency and social policies
    Conclusion: globalisation, corporate agency power and social policy
5. The national level: business and social policy in the UK
    Corporate power and national politics from 1979
    Central government, business and social policy since 1979
    Conclusion: business and British social policy
6. Business and local welfare services
    Local government, business and social policy
    The city of Bristol
    Business and local social provision to 1997
    Review of the service boards
    Developments since 1997
    Conclusion: business and local social policy
7. The social policies of corporations: occupational welfare and corporate social responsibility
    Occupational welfare
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
8. Conclusion: corporate power and social policy in global context
    The implications of contemporary and future social policy

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