Caribbean Roots

Black British and Caribbean Poets Read Their Own Work

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Caribbean Roots
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2 compact discs with 1 booklet | © 2011
Compact Disc $25.00 ISBN: 9780712351164 Published March 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Caribbean Roots brings together recordings of ten Black British and Caribbean poets. The selections represent a range of experiences, emotions, styles, and influences, and they reflect both the culture of the Caribbean and life in Britain. The featured poets include Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, David Dabydeen, James Berry, John Agard, Amryl Johnson, E. A. Markham, Michael Smith, and Benjamin Zephaniah, all reading their own work in a mixture of studio recordings and electrifying live performances. This two-disc set will be essential for anyone interested in black writing and poetry in performance in Britain today.

Disc one
Linton Kwesi Johnson (born 1952)
1. Introdution to Five Nights of Bleeding
2. Five Nights of Bleeding
3. Introduction to two poems
4. Want fi Goh Rave
5. It Noh Funny
6. Introduction to Two Sides of Silence
7. Two Sides of Silence
8. Introduction to Jamaica Lullaby
9. Jamaica Lullaby
10. Introduction to Sonny's Lettah
11. Sonny's Lettah
E. A. Markham (1939–2008)
12. Inheritance
13. Introduction to Nibble, Nibble
14. Nibble, Nibble
15. Butcher
16. Introduction to Grandmotherpoem
17. Grandmotherpoem
18. A Mugger's Game
19. Don't Talk to Me about Bread
20. Introduction to The Mother's Tale
21. The Mother's Tale
22. The Father's Story
23. A Good Life Sonnet
Jean 'Binta' Breeze (born 1956)
24. duppy street
25. hustler skank
26. aid travels with a bomb
27. lovin wasn easy
28. riddym ravings (the mad woman's poem)
David Dabydeen (born 1955)
29. Introduction to Coolie Mother
30. Coolie Mother
31. Miranda
32. Catching Crabs
33. The New Poetry
34. Introduction to Coolie Odyssey
35. Coolie Odyssey
Amryl Johnson (1944–2001)
36. Introduction to Qu'est-ce Qu'elle Dit?
37. Qu'est-ce Qu'elle Dit?
38. Introduction to J'Ouvert
39. J'Ouvert (We ting)
40. Introduction to The Loaded Dice
41. The Loaded Dice
42. Introduction to Dying in the Street
43. Dying in the Street
44. Introduction to Granny in de Market Place
45. Granny in de Market Place
46. Hole in the Wind
47. For a Sister
48. Introduction to The Unpaved Road
49. The Unpaved Road
Disc two
James Berry (born 1924)
1. Freedom
2. Introduction to Spirits of Movement
3. Spirits of Movement
4. It Seems I Test People
5. Introduction to Bluefoot Traveller
6. Bluefoot Traveller
7. Fractured Circles
8. Black Immigrant
9. Ongoing Encounter
10. Introduction to Night Comes too Soon
11. Night Comes too Soon
12. Banana and Mackerel
13. Two Black Labourers on a London Building Site
14. Introduction to Reclamation
15. Reclamation
16. Introduction to Bye Now
17. Goodbye Now
18. Bye Now
John Agard (born 1949)
19. Half-caste
20. Palm Tree King
21. Introduction to Anancy's Thoughts on Love
22. Anancy's Thoughts on Love
23. Go Spread Wings
24. Introducion to If You Don't Have Horse, Then Ride Cow
25. If You Don't Have Horse, Then Ride Cow
26. Introduction to poems from Man to Pan
27. Deliver
28. Let each hammer blow
29. is the sinking
30. For hands honed by pan grooves
31. Is more than a snapshot mirror
32. Beat it out man
Grace Nichols (born 1950)
33. Introduction to I is a long memoried woman
34. From dih pout of mih mouth
35. One Continent/To Another
36. Waterpot
37. Without Song
38. Sugar Cane
39. Introduction to I Coming Back
40. I Coming Back
41. Night Is Her Robe
42. This Kingdom
43. Holding My Beads
Benjamin Zephaniah (born 1958)
44. Dis poetry
45. Miss World
46. I move me mudder (mother)...
47. War
48. Call It What You Like!
Michael Smith (1954–1983)
49. Introducing Michael Smith (Speaker: Linton Kwesi Johnson)
50. Introduction by Michael Smith
51. I An I Alone
52. Trainer
53. Long Time
54. Black and White
55. Give Me Little Dub Music
56. Yout Out Deh
57. Me Feel It, Yuh See
58. Me Cyann Believe It

Total Duration: 145 minutes
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