Composed Theatre

Aesthetics, Practices, Processes

Edited by Matthias Rebstock and David Roesner

Composed Theatre

Edited by Matthias Rebstock and David Roesner

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

367 pages | 20 halftones | 7 x 9 | © 2012
Paper $43.00 ISBN: 9781783200160 Published December 2013
Cloth $64.50 ISBN: 9781841504568 Published April 2012

A unique contribution to an emerging field, Composed Theatre explores musical strategies of organization as viable alternative means of organizing theatrical work. In addition to insightful essays by a stellar group of international contributors, this volume also includes interviews with important practitioners, shedding light on historical and theoretical aspects of composed theatre.

Introduction: Composed Theatre in Context
      David Roesner

Part I: History and Methodology
1. Composed Theatre: Mapping the Field
      Matthias Rebstock
2. Composition and Theatre
      Roland Quitt
3. 'Happy New Ears': Creating Hearing and the Hearable
      Petra Maria Meyer
Part II: Processes and Practices: Work Reports and Reflections
4. 'It's all part of one concern': A 'Keynote' to Composition as Staging
      Heiner Goebbels
5. 'Theatre in small quantities': On Composition for Speech, Sounds and Objects
      Michael Hirsch
6. ...To Gather Together What Exists in a Dispersed State...
      Jörg Laue
7. From Interdisciplinary Improvisation to Integrative Composition: Working Processes at the Theater der Klänge
      Jörg U. Lensing
8. 'Let's stop talking about it and just do it!': Improvisation as the Beginning of the Compositional Process
      George Rodosthenous
9. Hearing Voices—Transcriptions of the Phonogram of a Schizophrenic: Music-theatre for Performer and Audio-visual Media
      Nichoals Till
10. Composing Theatre on a Diagonal: Metaxi ALogon, a Music-centric Performance
      Demetris Zavros
Part III: Processes and Practices: Portraits and Analyses
11. 'Ça devient du théâtre, mais ça vient de la musique': The Music Theatre of Georges Aperghis
      Matthias Rebstock
12. Musical Conquest and Settlement: On Ruedi Häusermann's Theatre Work(s)
      Judith Gerstenberg
13. Composing with Raw Materials: Daniel Ott's Music-theatre Portraits and Landscapes
      Christa Brüstle
14. Permanent Quest: The Processional Theatre of Manos Tsangaris
      Jörn Peter Hiekel
Part IV: Discussion and Debate
15. Composed Theatre—Discussion and Debate: On Terminology, Planning and Intuition, Concepts and Processes, Self-reflexivity and Communication
      Edited by Matthias Rebstock and David Roesner
Part V: Discourse and Analysis
16. 'It is not about labelling, it's about understanding what we do': Composed Theatre as Discourse
      David Roesner

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