Paper $15.00 ISBN: 9780956992093 Published November 2013 World sales rights except India

The Bill

For Palma Vecchio, at Venice

László Krasznahorkai and Palma Vecchio

László Krasznahorkai and Palma Vecchio

Distributed for Sylph Editions

Translated by George Szirtes
32 pages | 12 color plates | 6 1/2 x 9 1/4 | © 2013
Paper $15.00 ISBN: 9780956992093 Published November 2013 World sales rights except India
In The Bill, László Krasznahorkai’s madly lucid voice pours forth in a single, vertiginous, eleven-page sentence addressing Palma Vecchio, a sixteenth-century Venetian painter. Peering out from the pages are Vecchio’s voluptuous, bare-breasted blondes, a succession of models transformed on the canvas into portraits of apprehensive sexuality. Alongside these women, the writer that Susan Sontag called “the Hungarian master of apocalypse” interrogates Vecchio’s gift: Why does he do it? How does he do it? And why are these models so afraid of him even though he, unlike most of his contemporaries, never touches them? The text engages with the art, asking questions only the paintings can answer. 

“László Krasznahorkai’s taut, almost explosive texts resemble prose poems more than short stories or conventional novella chapters, though they do not pretend to lyricism.”—Nation
Jacob Silverman | New York Times
“A writer whose characters often exhibit a claustrophobic interiority. . . Krasznahorkai delights in unorthodox description; no object is too insignificant for his worrying gaze. . . . He offers us stories that are relentlessly generative and defiantly irresolvable. They are haunting, pleasantly weird and, ultimately, bigger than the worlds they inhabit.”
Typographical Era
The Bill features one glorious, eleven-page spanning sentence about the Venetian painter Palma Vecchio. . . . The book itself spans thirty-two pages, and since it’s a very beautiful Sylph Edition, it includes twelve stunning color plates that serve to enhance Krasznahorkai’s complex, clever use of language.”
Winnipeg Review
“László Krasznahorkai is a Hungarian writer whose long and dense works are abundantly furnished with allusions and experiences drawn from the author’s exposure to many cultures through reading or travel. The worldview presented stems from a long, painful, at times bloody national history, and from a particular linguistic context. . . . With The Bill readers in English can get a view of the vast Krasznahorkai forest that teems with the at times disturbing life forms that populate it. As we head into the months of leisurely summer reading, those looking for rich works might think about the somewhat new phenomenon of slow reading, and choose to walk slowly through the unfolding landscape of translated books by László Krasznahorkai.”
The Bill
For Palma Vecchio, at Venice
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