Paper $24.00 ISBN: 9781926627175 Published February 2012

Blast Counterblast

Edited by Anthony Elms and Steve Reinke

Blast Counterblast

Edited by Anthony Elms and Steve Reinke

Distributed for WhiteWalls

With contributions by Stuart Bailey, Andrej Blatnik, Joerg Becker & Irena Knezevic, Elijah Burgher, Cameron Crawford, Jon Davies, Leif Elggren, Maria Fusco, Matthea Harvey & Adam Shecter, Nelson Henricks, Mike Hoolboom, Irena Knezevic, Erin Leland, Jessie Mott, My Barbarian, Christine Negus, Darren O’Donnell, Academy Records, Lane Relyea, John Russell, Jim Trainor, Ryan Trecartin, Emily Vey Duke, and Cooper Battersby
192 pages | 7 line drawings | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | © 2011
Paper $24.00 ISBN: 9781926627175 Published February 2012


Blast Counterblast is a multifaceted, fascinating examination of the way intellectuals interact—through influence, through argumentation, and through criticism. Looking at both Wyndham Lewis’s modernist publication BLAST and Marshall McLuhan’s 1969 response to it, COUNTERBLAST, the contributors to this volume—a selection of writers, visual artists, performers, and filmmakers—skewer relational aesthetics and identity politics in order to restate what the role of identity formation is today. Taking McLuhan and Lewis as starting points, the essays in this volume develop and push the ideas presented in both BLAST and COUNTERBLAST while the book design pays homage to both thinkers’ experiments in typography. Blast Counterblast includes the writings of Maria Fusco, Michael Hoolboom, My Barbarian, Lane Relyea, and Ryan Trecartin.


The Modern Black Sabbath
      Academy Records
      Anthony Elms and Steve Reinke

1-0 Without Which (Preliminaries)
1-1 Wyndham Lewis and Mark E. Smith
      Stuart Bailey
1-2 Dear Living Person
      John Russell
1-3 Dear Radical Artist (Unforgettable You)
      Lane Relyea
2-0 Empathy is a Tool for Making the Cruelty More Precise (Animals, Children)
2-1 Art is for Empathy
      Emily vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
2-2 Between Haircuts by Children and The Best Sex I Ever Had: An Interview with Darren O'Donnell
      Mike Hoolboom
2-3 Social Practice, Children and the Possibility of Friendship
      Darren O'Donnell
2-4 The Lesser Animals
      Emily vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
2-5 Dialogue Between Animals
      Jessie Mott
2-6 The Pig's Tail
      Nelson Henricks
2-7 The Lonliest Animals
      Christine Negus
2-8 Death Park
      Maria Fusco
3-0 Death Camp
3-1 Own Stories
      Andrej Blatnik
3-2 Deat Camp
      Elijah Burgher
3-3 What is the Anal Swastika?
      Elijah Burgher
3-4 The Gossip and Ghosts of Colin Campbell
      Jon Davies
3-5 Excerpt from "The Re'Search"
      Ryan Trecartin
3-6 Suicide Fox
      Matthea Harvey and Adam Shecter
4-0 Extra Life
4-1 Precision Cut
      Mike Hoolboom
4-2 The Five Principles of PoLAAT
      My Barbarian
4-3 Employing My Double
      Erin Leland
4-4 Accidental Sightings
      Erin Leland
4-5 Architectural Uses of Some Qualities of Music
      Irena Knezevic
4-6 withblast
      Joerg Becker and Irena Knezevic
4-7 Elegance is Refusal
      Cameron Crawford
4-8 Presentation Theme
      Jim Trainor

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