The Byways of the Poor

Organizing Practices and Economic Control in the Developing World

Edited by Karsten Paerregaard and Neil Webster

Edited by Karsten Paerregaard and Neil Webster

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

261 pages | 20 tables | 6 3/8 x 9 1/2 | © 2012
Cloth $52.00 ISBN: 9788763538404 Published July 2012 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
Images of the poor often fall into two contrasting depictions; on one hand, individuals and communities labeled as poor are seen as powerless victims of deprivation, and on the other, as thriving in solidarity, and authenticity, uncontaminated by capitalist ways of life. The articles in The Byways of Poor attempt to analyze poverty beyond these stereotypes. Drawing on cases from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, India, Bangladesh, Peru, and Mexico, and examining a diverse sphere of interactions, including those between donors and beneficiaries, local authorities and citizens, and employers and employees, the contributors in this book challenge traditional approaches to poverty, focusing on the resources, skills, and organizations by which individuals and communities struggle to alleviate their own financial and social hardships.  

1. Introduction. Defying Poverty: Myths of Economic Control and Power
      Magdalena Villarreal
2. Organizing Practices and Copying Strategies of Agricultural Labourers: A Case of Mutah Labour in South India
      Rajasekhar Durgam
3. Agrarian Change for Better or Worse in West Bengal? A Village Level Analysis of the Late Twentieth Century
      Neil Webster
4. Coping with Poverty and Institutionalized Practices: Tank-Irrigated Cultivation in Kolar District, Karnataka
      Lars Engeberg-Pedersen
5. Women’s Organizing Practices in Rural Bangladesh
      Kirsten Westergaard (in collaboration with Abul Hossain)
6. Retrieving Lost Lands: Struggles over Livelihoods, Leadership and Entitlement in Zimbabwe’s Communal Lands
      Amanda Hammar
7. Norms and Outcomes: Rural Poor, Land Disputes and Conflict Solution in Mozambique
      Astrid Blom
Latin America
8. Cashing Identities: Debt in the Non-material World of Money among Rural Mexicans
      Magdalena Villarreal
9. The Grass of Wrath: U.S. Labour Migration and Organizing Practices among Peruvian Sheepherders
      Karsten Paerregaard
10. Afterword. Organizing Practices and the Invited Space of Local Governance
      Neil Webster

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