Buddha in the Yurt

Buddhist Art from Mongolia

Edited by Carmen Meinert

Buddha in the Yurt

Edited by Carmen Meinert

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

With Photographs by Achim Bunz
840 pages | 550 color plates | 9 1/2 x 11 2/5 | © 2011
Boxed Set $179.00 ISBN: 9783777443515 Published May 2012 For sale in North America and Japan only


Since the introduction of Buddhism to Mongolia in the seventeenth century, art has emerged as an important component of Buddhist culture. Drawing on a large privately owned collection of Mongolian and Tibetan art, this volume reproduces a carefully chosen selection of paintings, scrolls, statues, shrines, amulets, tablets, and ritual implements dating as far back as the eleventh century. From Zanabazar’s bronze cast Buddhas to the numerous gorgeous images of Indian siddhas, Tibetan masters, protective deities, and boddhisatvas, the objects reflect the broad scope of artistic influences in Buddhist art ranging from Tibet to the Qing Dynasty in China. Accompanying each illustration and adding depth to the volume are descriptions that situate the work within Buddhist iconography and the rich symbolism of the Tantric Buddhist tradition.  At the end of the volumes are comprehensive English and Russian glossaries (and respectively German and Mongolian glossaries with 450 entries each; for all entries the respective translations in four languages are provided (Mongolian, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese).
All of the artworks appear here for the first time in print, making this an essential addition to the literature on East Asian religion, culture, and art.


Combined Russian/English Edition


1. Buddhas
2. Arhats, Teachers, and Siddhas
3. Bodhisattvas
4. General Vajrayāna Deities and Maṇḍalas
5. Yidams
6. Protective Deities
7. Ritual Items and Miscellaneous

Review Quotes
Religious Studies Review
"What Mongolian Buddhism was in the past, is today, and will be in the future is an ongoing discussion. . . . And in looking through this sumptuously illustrated two-volume collection, one has to concede that there is something different—aesthetically, stylistically, structurally—about the Mongolian works. . . . By providing detailed art historical summations, the editors have made available to everyone a large and beautiful corpus of material that makes us all able to think further about the nature of Mongolian Buddhism."
Cerise Press
 “While there have been several major exhibitions built around artifacts from the Mongolian empire, none have focused on Tibetan Buddhism among the Mongols. Buddha in the Yurt begins to bridge that gap, presenting the largest collection of painted scrolls and sculptures to ever appear in print. Remarkable for both its quantity and quality, Buddha in the Yurt is a visual feast for anyone who appreciates the subtleties of Tantric Buddhist visual arts.”
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