Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9789089642448 Published October 2011 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Beyond Dutch Borders

Transnational Politics among Colonial Migrants, Guest Workers and the Second Generation

Liza Mügge

Beyond Dutch Borders

Liza Mügge

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

256 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2010
Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9789089642448 Published October 2011 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Migrants often remain loyal to their former homelands and stay active in the politics there— despite widespread criticism of these ties in their host countries. Combining extensive fieldwork with quantitative data, Beyond Dutch Borders compares how transnational political involvement among guest workers from Turkey and postcolonial migrants from Surinam living in the Netherlands has evolved during the past fifty years. The author explores the dynamics and influence of such dual affiliations and finds that migrants’ border-crossing loyalties and engagement actually heighten their political integration into their host countries.   


1. Introduction
    Transnationalism in migration studies
    The emergence and evolution of transnational politics
    Transnational actors, activities and ties
    Surinamese, Turkish and Kurdish migrants in the Netherlands
2. Individual transnationalists
    Respondents' backgrounds
    Interest in Dutch and homeland politics
    Societal participation
    Electoral sympathies
    From mother to daughter, father to son?
    Opportunities in the Netherlands
3. Migrant organisations and transnational politics
    Civil society, networks and political participation
    Surinamese organisational networks in the Netherlands
    Turkish and Kurdish organisational networks in the Netherlands
4. Surinam: Student activism to transnational party politics
    Political history
    Military rule
    Post-colonial democracy
5. Turkey: Labour migration to transnational party politics
    The political landscape
    Transnational party politics 
    Diş Türkler (‘Turks abroad’)
    Turkish-Dutch politicians
6. Kurdish diaspora politics
    The rise of Kurdish nationalism
    Illegal Kurdish parties
    Pro-Kurdish and Kurdish parties
    PKK mobilisation in Europe
    Kurdish parties in the Netherlands
7. Conclusion: Looking both ways
    Explaining transnational politics

    Appendix A: Methodology
    Appendix B: Surinamese political parties
    Appendix C: Family trees of Turkish and Kurdish political parties, 1920s–2005
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