American Multiculturalism after 9/11

Transatlantic Perspectives

Edited by Derek Rubin and Jaap Verheul

American Multiculturalism after 9/11

Edited by Derek Rubin and Jaap Verheul

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This groundbreaking volume explores the multicultural debate that has evolved in the United States and Europe since the cataclysmic events of 9/11. Instead of suggesting closure by presenting a unified narrative about cultural diversity, national identity, and social stratification, the essays in this well-balanced collection present a variety of perspectives, each highlighting the undiminished relevance of key issues such as immigration, assimilation, and citizenship, while also pointing to unresolved conflicts over universalism, religion, and tolerance. Most importantly, this volume shows that the struggle over multiculturalism is not limited to the political domain, but also has profound cultural implications. American Multiculturalism after 9/11: Transatlantic Perspectives is an invaluable, thought-provoking addition to the debate about multiculturalism as central to the study of the United States in a global context.




Derek Rubin and Jaap Verheul

Multicultural Boundary Crossings


Multiculturalism and Immigration

Paul Lauter

Native-Immigrant Boundaries and Ethnic and Racial Inequalities

Richard Alba

Coherence, Difference, and Citizenship: A Genealogy of Multiculturalism

Ed Jonker

Cultural Reflections of the Unthinkable


Indecent Exposure: Picturing the Horror of 9/11

Rob Kroes

 “The Dead Are Our Redeemers”: Culture, Belief, and United 93

Phillip E. Wegner

Real American Heroes: Attacking Multiculturalism through the Discourse of Heroic Sacrifice

Michan Andrew Connor

 “America under Attack”: Unity and Division after 9/11

Mathilde Roza

 “This Godless Democracy”: Terrorism, Multiculturalism, and American Self-Criticism in John Updike

John-Paul Colgan

Multiculturalism in American History Textbooks before and after 9/11

Rachel Hutchins-Viroux


Transatlantic Dialogues


A Kinder, Gentler Europe? Islam, Christianity, and the Divergent Multiculturalisms of the New West

Patrick Hyder Patterson

Slavery, Memory, and Citizenship in Transatlantic Perspective

Johanna C. Kardux

Are We All Americans? 9/11 and Discourses of Multiculturalism in the Netherlands

Jaap Kooijman

 “How could this have happened in Holland?”

American Perceptions of Dutch Multiculturalism after 9/11

Jaap Verheul

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Review Quotes
David A. Hollinger, author of Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism

“These lively essays illuminate the ways in which multiculturalist initiatives in the United States and Europe have influenced one another with a variety of productive as well as unproductive effects, especially since the events of 9/11. The authors vindicate the promise of American Studies as a scholarly domain in which the trend from a preoccupation with ‘identity’ to a concern for ‘solidarity’ can be charted and critically interrogated.”—David A. Hollinger, author of Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism

Werner Sollors, author of Beyond Ethnicity: Consent and Descebt in American Culture and coedtior of A New Literary History of America

“The thirteen new essays assembled in this book make many fresh and often surprising contributions to understanding the theoretical issues surrounding multiculturalism, the effects of the terrorist attacks of 2001 on debates about American ethnic diversity and national unity, and European and transatlantic perspectives on migration and religious difference.”

Donald E. Pease, coeditor of Cultures of American Imperialism and The Futures of American Studies

American Multiculturalism after 9/11 is a timely and extremely important intervention in and reconfiguration of the debates over multiculturalism that took place after 9/11 on both sides of the Atlantic.”

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