Asian Cross-border Marriage Migration

Demographic Patterns and Social Issues

Edited by Melody Lu and Wen-Shan Yang

Asian Cross-border Marriage Migration

Edited by Melody Lu and Wen-Shan Yang

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

Yoshitaka ISHIKAWA

Department of Geography, Kyoto University, Japan


KIM Doo-Sub

Department of Sociology and Institute of Population and Aging Research

Hanyang University, South Korea


Kao-Lee LIAW

School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University, Canada



Department of Geography, West Virginia University, USA


Melody LU Chia-Wen

International Institute of Asian Studies, the Netherlands


John MA

School of Humanity and Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong



Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies, University of Adelaide, Australia



Department of Sociology, Kyoto University, Japan



Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan



Department of Asian Studies, Chukyo Women’s University, Japan



Department of Anthropology, Mahidol University, Thailand.


Xuyen TRAN

Centre of Social Research and Consulting, Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


YANG Wen-Shan

Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


YEH Yu-Ching

Department of Early Childhood Education, National Chiayi University, Taiwan



Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota, USA



264 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2
Paper $62.50 ISBN: 9789089640543 Published July 2010 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Despite active scholarly interest in the phenomenon of cross-border marriage migration between Southeast and East Asia—a majority of which marriages are between men from wealthier regions and women from regions that are less economically developed—we know very little about who these women are and why they choose to marry and migrate. This volume provides an overview of the demographic patterns and social issues related to cross-border marriage in the past two decades, as well as case studies that consider the living experiences and strategies of cross-border families in the host societies, sending communities, and transnational networks of nations like Japan, South, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 



Table of contents


1. Introduction

Melody Chia-wen LU and YANG Wen-Shan


2. Feminization of immigration in Japan: marital and job opportunities

Kao-Lee LIAW, Emiko OCHIAI and Yoshitaka ISHIKAWA


3. Examining Cross-border marriage in Hong Kong: 1998-2005

John MA, Ge LIN and Frank ZHANG


4. Minority group status and fertility: the case of the ‘foreign brides’ in Taiwan

YANG Wen-Shan and Marloes SCHOONHEIM


5. The rise of international marriage and divorce in contemporary Korea

KIM Doo-Sub


6. Vietnamese-Taiwanese marriages

Xoan NGUYEN and Xuyen TRAN


7. Cross-border marriages: experiences of village women from Northeastern Thailand with Western men



8. Moving cultural diversity toward cultural competence in social work: an exploratory study in working with Vietnamese women in Taiwan

HUNG Su-Chen and YANG Wen-Shan


9. Foreign spouses’ acculturation in Taiwan: a comparison of their countries of origin, gender, and education degrees

YEH Yu-Ching


10. Transnational families among Muslims: the effect of social capital on educational strategies



11. Marriage migration to East Asia: Current issues and propositions in making comparisons      TSENG Yen-Fen



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