Alter Ego

Twenty Confronting Views on the European Experience

Edited by Guido Snel

Alter Ego
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Edited by Guido Snel

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

160 pages | 5-3/4 x 8-1/4 | © 2004
Paper $21.95 ISBN: 9789053566886 Published February 2006 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
This extraordinary volume explores the modern melding of cultures, languages, and traditions on the European continent and the human consequences of the rapidly shifting borders in the new era of the European Union. Twenty contributors, from a British-based Iraqi Jewish sociologist to a Romanian playwright in New York, relate their fascinating life experiences that span countries and continents and the multiple identities that they have cultivated during their life journeys. Alter Ego is a compelling volume that probes deeply into the modern European experience and allows a host of voices to share the joys, challenges, and frustrations of living across multiple cultures.
Preface:  the European Cultural Foundation
Robert Maclennan
A Guide to Alter Ego
Guido Snel
1.  Beauty and the East
A Tale from the Wild East
Goran Stefanovski
Luxurious Madness
Jachym Topol
Ego with Alter Ego
Emil Tode
Me, the Mirror and I
Yuri Andrukhovych
An Interview with Myself
David Albahari
2.  Heimat and its (Dis)contents
Dreaming of Friends, Living with Foes
Ales Debeljak
The Right to Feel at Home
an interview with Jaak Aaviksoo
Marlene Streeruwitz
The Enlargement Takes Place in the Centre of Europe
an interview with Erhard Busek
The Corpse under the table
an interview with István Eörsi
3.  Intimate Geographies
A Past Retrieved
an interview with Eva Hoffman
In the Reflected Light of the Alter Ego or:  The Splendour and Misery of My Identity
Nelly Bekus Goncharova
Eurotic I
Savaiana Stanescu
We are the Past of Europe
an interview with Andrei Plesu
Alter (the) Ego
Ademir Arapovic
4.  The Uses of Diversity
Nevin Aladag's Alter Egos
Nevin Aladag interviews himself
Mother Tongue, Stepmother Tongue
an interview with Abdelkader Benali
How European
Péter Zilahy
The Point of the Commonality of Cultures
an interview with Sami Zubaida
The Saga of the Feel-good Strudel (A Famiy Apocrypha)
Damir Šodan
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