The Work Ethic in Industrial America, 1850-1920

Daniel T. Rodgers

The Work Ethic in Industrial America, 1850-1920
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Daniel T. Rodgers

316 pages | © 1978
Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9780226723525 Published December 1979
"Rodgers's book is a study of how technology affects ideas. That is the issue to which Rodgers always returns: how did men and women react to the economy of unprecedented plenty that the 19th-century revolution in power and machines had produced? . . . This is certainly . . . one of the most refreshing and penetrating analyses of the relation of diverse levels of 19th-century culture that it has been my pleasure to read in a long time."—Carl N. Degler, Science
1. Work Ideals and the Industrial Invasion
2. Hireling Laborers
3. "Mechanized" Men
4. Play, Repose, and Plenty
5. Splinterings: Fables for Boys
6. Sons of Toil: Industrial Workers and Their Labor
7. Idle Womanhood: Feminist Versions of the Work Ethics
8. The Political Uses of Work Rhetoric
Epilogue: Charles W. Eliot and the Quest for Joyful Labor
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