Paper $22.50 ISBN: 9780226444499 Will Publish October 2017
Cloth $67.50 ISBN: 9780226444352 Will Publish October 2017
An e-book edition will be published.

Writing Abroad

A Guide for Travelers

Peter Chilson and Joanne B. Mulcahy

Writing Abroad

Peter Chilson and Joanne B. Mulcahy

224 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2017
Paper $22.50 ISBN: 9780226444499 Will Publish October 2017
Cloth $67.50 ISBN: 9780226444352 Will Publish October 2017
E-book $22.50 ISBN: 9780226444529 Will Publish October 2017
“Tell me all about your trip!” It’s a request that follows travelers as they head out into the world, and one of the first things they hear when they return. When we leave our homes to explore the wider world, we feel compelled to capture the experiences and bring the story home. But for those who don’t think of themselves as writers, putting experiences into words can be more stressful than inspirational.
Writing Abroad is meant for travelers of all backgrounds and writing levels: a student embarking on overseas study; a retiree realizing a dream of seeing China; a Peace Corps worker in Kenya. All can benefit from documenting their adventures, whether on paper or online. Through practical advice and adaptable exercises, this guide will help travelers hone their observational skills, conduct research and interviews, choose an appropriate literary form, and incorporate photos and videos into their writing.
Writing about travel is more than just safeguarding memories—it can transform experiences and tease out new realizations. With Writing Abroad, travelers will be able to deepen their understanding of other cultures and write about that new awareness in clear and vivid prose.

Part I. Encountering Cultures

Chapter One. Getting Ready
Chapter Two. Discovering New Cultures
Chapter Three. Encountering Another Language in Your Own Voice
Chapter Four. Documentary Forms and Methods
Chapter Five. Portraits and Profiles
Chapter Six. Writing about Place
Chapter Seven. Religion, Politics, and History
Chapter Eight. Travel Writing in the Age of the Internet

Part II. Return and Revision

Chapter Nine. Revising Your Writing and Your Life
Chapter Ten. The Varieties of Literary Form

Selected Bibliography
Review Quotes
Brian Whalen, president and CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad
“This is an exciting book. In an age of globalization, where crossing borders is complex and nuanced, Chilson and Mulcahy provide a comprehensive way to look at and learn from our experiences in other cultures. Readers will return to this book over and over again for ongoing guidance.”
Jordana Dym, editor of Mapping Latin America
“This excellent, portable guide will appeal to travelers who want to write about their journeys effectively and engagingly. Its tools and techniques can help writers deepen observation, improve engagement, and enhance learning while on the move, and create rich work upon return.”
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