Valuing Health for Policy

An Economic Approach

Edited by George Tolley, Donald Kenkel, and Robert Fabian

Valuing Health for Policy
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Edited by George Tolley, Donald Kenkel, and Robert Fabian

436 pages | 11 line drawings, 44 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1994
Cloth $86.00 ISBN: 9780226807133 Published November 1994
How much should citizens invest in promoting health, and how should resources be allocated to cover the costs? A major contribution to economic approaches to the value of health, this volume brings together classic and up-to-date research by economists and public health experts on theories and measurements of health values, providing useful information for shaping public policy.
1: Overview
George Tolley, Donald Kenkel, Robert Fabian.
2: Framework for Valuing Health Risks
Mark Berger, Glenn Blomquist, Donald Kenkel, George Tolley.
3: Cost of Illness Approach
Donald Kenkel
4: Contingent Valuation of Health
Donald Kenkel, Mark Berger, Glenn Blomquist.
5: Household Health Production, Property Values, and the Value of Health
Richard Clemmer, Donald Kenkel, Robert Ohsfeldt, William Webb.
6: The Qualy Approach
Robert Fabian
7: Issues in Questionnaire Design
Robert Fabian, George Tolley.
8: Empirical Results from Household Personal Interviews
Michael Brien, Donald Kenkel, Austin Kelly, Robert Fabian.
9: Empirical Results from Mail Questionnaires
Wallace Wilson
10: Defining and Measuring Health over Life
Lyndon Babcock, Anthony Bilotti.
11: The Quantity and Quality of Life: A Conceptual Framework
Sherwin Rosen
12: Modeling of Choices with Uncertain Preferences
Charles Kahn
13: Design of Contingent Valuation Approaches to Serious Illness
Robert Fabian, Lyndon Babcock, Anthony Bilotti, George Tolley.
14: Future Directions for Health Value Research
George Tolley, Robert Fabian.
15: State-of-the-Art Health Values
George Tolley, Donald Kenkel, Robert Fabian.
16: The Use of Health Values in Policy
George Tolley, Donald Kenkel, Robert Fabian, David Webster.
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