An Unsentimental Education

Writers and Chicago

Molly McQuade

An Unsentimental Education

Molly McQuade

270 pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | © 1995
Cloth $18.95 ISBN: 9780226562100 Published August 1995
"Writers are both born and made, and their teachers share in the making of them, but in what ways?" Molly McQuade asks in An Unsentimental Education, a collection of candid interviews with twenty-one of our leading novelists and poets. Presented as first-person essays, the interviews are with contemporary writers who have studied, taught at, or cultivated other ties with the University of Chicago. The book provides an occasion for the writers to reflect on their Chicago experiences and on ideas about education in general. What education does a writer need? How can formal learning impel the writing life? What school stories or tales told out of school do Philip Roth, Hayden Carruth, Marguerite Young, George Steiner, Charles Simic, Susan Sontag, and Saul Bellow have in store and want to share.

Interviews with:Saul Bellow, Paul Carroll, Hayden Carruth, Robert Coover, Leon Forrest, June Jordan, Janet Kauffman, Morris Philipson, M. L. Rosenthal, Philip Roth, Susan Fromberg Shaeffer, Charles Simic, Susan Sontag, George Starbuck, George Steiner, Richard Stern, Nathaniel Tarn, Douglas Unger, Kurt Vonnegut, and Marguerite Young.

Cloudy yearnings: Saul Bellow
Janis Bellow

A student in Plato's academy
Paul Carroll

Beautiful language
Hayden Carruth

Disturbing the dogmas: Robert Coover
Molly McQuade

The yeast of chaos
Leon Forrest

Getting angry
June Jordan

An extreme ordinariness
Janet Kauffman

The poetry club: Janet Lewis
Richard Stern

Independence of mind
Morris Philipson

A certain zealous intensity
M. L. Rosenthal

Just a lively boy
Philip Roth

Good behavior
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

Real America
Charles Simic

A gluttonous reader
Susan Sontag

George Starbuck

Intellectual passions
George Steiner

Richard Stern

Poetry and anthropology
Nathaniel Tarn

Trying to break away
Douglas Unger

A very fringe character
Kurt Vonnegut

A vacation from the modern world
Marguerite Young

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