Time, Work, and Culture in the Middle Ages

Jacques Le Goff

Time, Work, and Culture in the Middle Ages
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Jacques Le Goff

Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
400 pages | © 1980
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226470818 Published February 1982
Jacques Le Goff is a prominent figure in the tradition of French medieval scholarship, profoundly influenced by the Annales school, notably, Bloch, Febvre, and Braudel, and by the ethnographers and anthropologists Mauss, Dumézil, and Lévi-Strauss. In building his argument for "another Middle Ages" (un autre moyen âge), Le Goff documents the emergence of the collective mentalité from many sources with scholarship both imaginative and exact.

I. Time and Labor
The Several Middle Ages of Jules Michelet
Merchant's Time and Church's Time in the Middle Ages
Labor Time in the "Crisis" of the Fourteenth Century: From Medieval Time to Modern Time
A Note on Tripartite Society, Monarchical Ideology, and Economic Renewal in Ninth- to Twelfth-Century Christendom
Licit and Illicit Trades in the Medieval West
Labor, Techniques, and Craftsmen in the Value Systems of the Early Middle Ages (Fifth to Tenth Centuries)
Peasants and the Rural World in the Literature of the Early Middle Ages (Fifth and Sixth Centuries)
II. Labor and Value Systems
Academic Expenses at Padua in the Fifteenth Century
Trades and Professions as Represented in Medieval Confessors' Manuals
How Did the Medieval University Conceive of Itself
The Universities and the Public Authorities in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
III. High Culture and Popular Culture
Clerical Culture and Folklore Traditions in Merovingian Civilization
Ecclesiastical Culture and Folklore in the Middle Ages: Saint Marcellus of Paris and the Dragon
The Medieval West and the Indian Ocean: An Oneiric Horizon
Dreams in the Culture and Collective Psychology of the Medieval West
Melusina: Mother and Pioneer
IV. Toward a Historical Anthropology
The Historian and the Ordinary Man
The Symbolic Ritual of Vassalage
Notes, Bibliographies, and Appendixes
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