Tocqueville Unveiled

The Historian and His Sources for The Old Regime and the Revolution

Robert T. Gannett Jr.

Tocqueville Unveiled
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Robert T. Gannett Jr.

260 pages | 2 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2003
Cloth $48.00 ISBN: 9780226281087 Published September 2003
With The Old Regime and the Revolution, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote what remains the essential history of the French Revolution. Yet historians have found it nearly impossible to trace the evolution of Tocqueville's ideas because he chose not to disclose his sources.

Drawing on his unprecedented access to Tocqueville's papers—access made possible by the late French historian Francois Furet—Robert T. Gannett Jr. reveals the ingenuity of Tocqueville's analyses of issues such as landownership, administrative centralization, and public opinion in prerevolutionary France. He also sheds light on the benefits Tocqueville reaped from unexpected intellectual encounters with such authors as Burke, Constant, and Dareste de la Chavanne. A literary detective at work, Gannett tracks Tocqueville as the author himself tracked the French Revolution—and brings him to life as a meticulous historian and an ardent defender of liberty.

An ideal companion to The Old Regime and the Revolution, Volumes 1 and 2, both published by the University of Chicago Press, Tocqueville Unveiled will be a valuable resource for revolutionary historians and Tocqueville enthusiasts alike.
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1. Tocqueville's Historical Method
Continuing Themes Shaped by Discontinuous Means
2. Tocqueville and Napoleon
Imperial History Deferred
3. Tocqueville and Feudal Rights
A Bridge to the Old Regime
4. Tocqueville's Burke
From Foreign Observer to Primary Protagonist
5. Tocqueville and Administrative Centralization
Detecting Its Deep Roots in the Archives of Tours
6. Tocqueville's Study of Opinion
Assessing Prerevolutionary "Spirit" in France
7. Tocqueville's Elusive Balance
Art in the Service of Liberty
8. Tocqueville and History
Telling Liberty's Revolutionary Tale
Appendix: Tocqueville's Endnotes for The Old Regime
Selected Bibliography
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