The Tamil Veda

Pillan's Interpretation of the Tiruvaymoli

John Carman and Vasudha Narayanan

The Tamil Veda
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John Carman and Vasudha Narayanan

342 pages | © 1989
Cloth $91.00 ISBN: 9780226093055 Published May 1989
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780226093062 Published May 1989
In this multifaceted work, John Carman and Vasudha Narayanan clarify historical developments in South Asian religion and make important contributions to the methodology of textual interpretation and the comparative study of world religions.
Notes on Translations
Part One - The Two Streams
1. Ubhaya Vedanta: The Confluence of Tamil and Sanskrit Scriptures
2. The Alvars and Their Sweet Tamil Songs
3. The Vedanta in Sanskrit according to Yamuna and Ramanuja
4. Reflections of the Alvar Hymns in the Sanskrit Stotras
Part Two - The Commentator's Synthesis
5. The First Commentary on Nammalvar's Tiruvaymoli: Tirukkurukai Piran Pillan's Six Thousand
6. Tattva: The Fundamental Reality of God and God's World
7. God's Manifestations in the Universe
8. The Devotee's Relation to God: Separation and Union
9. The Means to Salvation: The Question of Upaya
10. The Devotee's Final Goal (Purusartha)
Part Three - Beyond the Commentary
11. The Commentator as Disciple: Pillan's Relation to Ramanuja
12. Looking behind Pillan's Commentary: "Swallowing" as a Metaphor in the Poem
13. Ubhaya Vedanta: Two Traditions or One?
Part Four - Translation of Selected Decads from the Tiruvaymoli

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