Tolstoy's Major Fiction

Edward Wasiolek

Tolstoy's Major Fiction
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Edward Wasiolek

264 pages | © 1978
Paper $31.00 ISBN: 9780226873985 Published July 1997
"Edward Wasiolek, after much valuable work on Dostoevsky, has now written one of the best books on Tolstoy in recent decades. This may be in part because of his preoccupation with Tolstoy's most challenging contemporary, and the resulting sense of their unlikeness in a common pursuit. But there are other, unspeculative reasons. Few studies of Tolstoy have been so carefully pondered and so firmly organized to convince; and not so many show the flexibility and variety of its approach. Wasiolek proposes an essentially simple and consistent reading, but he advances it with subtlety and discretion."—Henry Gifford, Times Literary Supplement
1. Introduction
2. Childhood and Three Deaths
3. Polikushka and Family Happiness
4. The Cossacks
5. War and Peace
6. Anna Karenina
7. The Death of Ivan Ilych
8. Master and Man
9. Resurrection
Appendix: Chronicle of Tolstoy's Life and Works
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