Paper $17.50 ISBN: 9780226469492 Published August 1990
An e-book edition will be published.

Science and Relativism

Some Key Controversies in the Philosophy of Science

Larry Laudan

Science and Relativism
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Larry Laudan

194 pages | © 1990
Paper $17.50 ISBN: 9780226469492 Published August 1990
E-book $17.50 ISBN: 9780226219332 Will Publish August 2012
In recent years, many members of the intellectual community have embraced a radical relativism regarding knowledge in general and scientific knowledge in particular, holding that Kuhn, Quine, and Feyerabend have knocked the traditional picture of scientific knowledge into a cocked hat. Is philosophy of science, or mistaken impressions of it, responsible for the rise of relativism? In this book, Laudan offers a trenchant, wide-ranging critique of cognitive relativism and a thorough introduction to major issues in the philosophy of knowledge.
Note to the Reader
1. Progress and Cumulativity
2. Theory-ladenness and Underdetermination
3. Holism
4. Standards of Success
5. Incommensurability
6. Interests and the Social Determinants of Belief
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