The Study of Population

An Inventory and Appraisal

Edited by Philip M. Hauser and Otis Dudley Duncan

The Study of Population
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Edited by Philip M. Hauser and Otis Dudley Duncan

878 pages | illustrations | © 1959
Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226319513 Published April 1959
Here is an encyclopedic summary of the field of demography, ranging from its historical beginnings to promising subjects for its future study, from analysis of the subfields of demography to the possibilities of its integration with other scientific disciplines. The Study of Population contains contributions by twenty-eight top-ranking population specialists, each of whom writes with a thorough knowledge of his field.
Demography as a Science - Philip M. Hauser and Otis Dudley Duncan
Development and Current Status of Demography: The Development of Demography - Frank Lorimer
Development and Perspectives of Demographic Research in France - Alfred Sauvy
The Development of Demography in Great Britain - E. Grebenik
Demography in Germany - Hermann Schubnell
Contributions of Italy to Demography - Alessandro Costanzo
Demographic Studies in Brazil - Giorgio Mortara
Survey of the Status of Demography in India - C. Chandrasekaran
Demographic Research in the Pacific Area - Irene B. Taeuber
The Development and Status of American Demography - Rupert B. Vance
Elements of Demography: World Demographic Data - Forrest E. Linder
Population Composition - Amos H. Hawley
Population Distribution - Donald J. Bogue
Fertility - N. B. Ryder
Mortality - Harold F. Dorn
Population Growth and Replacement - Hannes Hyrenius
Internal Migration - Donald J. Bogue
International Migration - Brinley Thomas
Population Estimates and Projections - John V. Grauman
Family Statistics - Paul C. Glick
Working Force - A. J. Jaffe
Population and Natural Resources - Edward A. Ackerman
Population Studies within Various Disciplines: Ecology and Demography - Peter W. Frank
Human Ecology and Population Studies - Otis Dudley Duncan
Geography and Demography - Edward A. Ackerman
Physical Anthropology and Demography - Franz J. Kallmann, M.D., and John D. Rainer, M.D.
Economics and Demography - Joseph J. Spengler
Sociology and Demography - Wilbert E. Moore
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