Sleep and Wakefulness

Nathaniel Kleitman

Sleep and Wakefulness
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Nathaniel Kleitman

Revised and enlarged edition
560 pages | © 1939, 1963
Paper $70.00 ISBN: 9780226440736 Published September 1987
For half a century, Sleep and Wakefulness has been a valuable reference work. It discusses phases of the sleep cycle, experimental work on sleep and wakefulness, sleep disorders and their treatment, and such sleep-like states as hypnosis and hibernation.
Part 1 - Functional Differences between Sleep and Wakefulness
1. Introduction: Definition of Terms
2. Position of the Body, Skeletal Musculature
3. The Nervous System
4. Brain Potentials
5. The Blood
6. The Circulation
7. Respiration
8. Digestion, Metabolism, Body Temperature, and Excretion
Part 2 - Course of Events during the Sleep Phase
9. The Onset of Sleep
10. Motility during Sleep
11. Dreaming
12. The Depth of Sleep
13. Duration of Sleep
14. Awakening
Part 3 - Periodicity
15. The 24-Hour Sleep-Wakefulness and Body-Temperature Rhythms
16. 24-Hour Variation in Activity and Performance
17. 24-Hour Variation in Visceral Activity
18. Modifiability of the 24-Hour Periodicities
19. Meteorological and Seasonal Influences
Part 4 - Interference with Sleep and Wakefulness
22. Deprivation of Sleep
Part 5 - Spontaneous Changes in the Sleep-Wakefulness Rhythm
23. Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, and Sleep Paralysis
24. Encephalitis Lethargica
25. Catalepsy and Epilepsy
26. Hypersomnias and Comas
27. Insomnia or Hyposomnia
28. Sleep Abnormalities and Disturbances
Part 6 - Means of Influencing Sleep and Wakefulness
29. The Pharmacology of Sleep and Wakefulness
30. The Hygiene of Sleep and Wakefulness
Part 7 - States Resembling Sleep
31. Hibernation
32. Hypnosis
Part 8 - Theories of Sleep
33. Neural Theories of Sleep
34. Humoral Theories of Sleep
35. The Sleep-Center Problem
36. The Evolutionary Theory of Sleep and Wakefulness
Bibliography and Author Index
Subject Index
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