Social Casework

A Problem-Solving Process

Helen Harris Perlman

Social Casework
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Helen Harris Perlman

314 pages | © 1957
Cloth $17.50 ISBN: 9780226660332 Published March 1957
This is a basic book in social casework. Its thesis is that among all the complexities within the subject matter and operations of casework there are certain constant elements, forces, and processes which give coherence and unity to its practice. Mrs. Perlman identifies and analyzes these constants and views them within the logical framework of problem-solving. In turn, problem-solving as a casework process is examined in its likeness to normal human problem-solving efforts. The result is an approach to learning and thinking about casework which is at once organized, synthesized, and imaginative. The book's usefulness is enhanced by the author's lucid and pointed style.
I. Problem-Solving in Social Casework
1. The Components of the Casework Situation
2. The Person
3. The Problem
4. The Place
5. The Process
6. The Caseworker-Client Relationship
7. The Problem-Solving Work
II. Casework in Cross-Section
8. Person, Problem, Place, and Process in the Beginning Phase
9. Content in the Beginning Phase
10. Method in the Beginning Phase
11. Diagnosis: The Thinking in Problem-Solving
12. The Client's Workability and the Casework Goal
III. Two Cases
13. Two Cases: Mr. Grayson and Mrs. Whitman
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