The Seven Day Circle

The History and Meaning of the Week

Eviatar Zerubavel

The Seven Day Circle
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Eviatar Zerubavel

220 pages | © 1985
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226981659 Published March 1989
"Days, months, and years were given to us by nature, but we invented the week for ourselves. There is nothing inevitable about a seven-day cycle, or about any other kind of week; it represents an arbitrary rhythm imposed on our activities, unrelated to anything in the natural order. But where the week exists—and there have been many cultures where it doesn't—it is so deeply embedded in our experience that we hardly ever question its rightness, or think of it as an artificial convention; for most of us it is a matter of 'second nature.'
List of Figures
Introduction: "Daddy, What's Thursday?"
1. The Origins of the Seven-Day Week
2. The Seven-Day Wars
3. Cultural Variations on a Theme
4. The Harmonics of Timekeeping
5. Living with the Week
6. Experiencing the Week
7. Culture, Not Nature
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