Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226753232 Published January 1980

The Selected Papers of Edward Shils, Volume 3

The Calling of Sociology and Other Essays on the Pursuit of Learning

Edward Shils

The Selected Papers of Edward Shils, Volume 3
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Edward Shils

504 pages | © 1980
Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226753232 Published January 1980
This third volume of the Selected Papers of Edward Shils brings together ten essays, three of which have never been published before and all the others of which have been completely revised and elaborated. They deal with the history of American and European sociology as an intellectual undertaking and as a means to the attainment of practical ends. Professor Shils's main themes are the influence of ethical and practical intentions on scholarly study in the social sciences, the autonomy of the intellectual tradition of sociology, and the significance of the institutional organization of sociological teaching and research.
Part I - The Place of Sociology
1. The Calling of Sociology
Part II - The Trend of Sociology
2. The Contemplation of Society in America
3. The Confluence of Sociological Traditions
4. Tradition, Ecology, and Institution in the History of Sociology
Part III - Sociology and Society
5. Social Science and Social Policy
6. Learning and Liberalism
7. The Pursuit of Knowledge and the Concern for the Common Good
Part IV - The Ethics of Sociology
8. Social Inquiry and the Autonomy of the Private Sphere
9. Social Science as Public Opinion
10. The Legitimacy of Social Inquiry
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