Paper $38.00 ISBN: 9780226307138 Published August 1976


Race and Authority in Urban Politics

Community Relations and the War on Poverty

David Greenstone and Paul E. Peterson

Race and Authority in Urban Politics

David Greenstone and Paul E. Peterson

392 pages | © 1973
Paper $38.00 ISBN: 9780226307138 Published August 1976
In this penetrating book, the authors provide a systematic empirical analysis of an important public policy issue—citizen participation in the Community Action Program of the Johnson administration's "War on Poverty." This Phoenix edition includes a new introduction in which the authors explicate the most important themes in their analysis.

In a series of lively chapters, Greenstone and Peterson show how the coalitions that formed around the community action question developed not out of electoral or organizational interests alone but were strongly influenced by prevailing conceptions of the nature of authority in America. The book stresses the way in which both machine and reform structures affected the ability of minority groups to organize effectively and to form alliances in urban politics. It considers the wide-ranging critiques made of the Community Action Program by conservative, liberal, and radical analysts and finds that all of them fail to appreciate the significance and intensity of the racial cleavage in American politics.
Preface to the Phoenix Edition
Introduction: Participation in the War on Poverty
Part I: A Comparative Approach to the Politics of Community Action
1. Community Action Politics in Five Cities: The Limits of Case-Study Analysis
2. Role Interests and Comparative Analysis
Part II: Interests, Ideologues, and Participation
3. Class and Racial Interests in the Politics of Community Participation
4. Regime Interests and Ideologies: Participation and the Structure of Authority
5. Ideologies versus Electoral and Organizational Interests
Part III: Implementing Participation in Community Action Programs
6. Representation of the Poor in Community Action
7. Bureaucratic Influence on Participation in Community Action
Part IV: Political Structures, Policy-Making Processes, and Public Policy
8. Political Structures: Citizen Preferences, Political Organization, and Public Policy
9. Policy-Making Processes: Conflict, Consensus, and Regime Transformation
10. A Policy Analysis: Race, Politics, and Community Control
Appendix A: Stability, Conflict, and Regime Interests
Appendix B: Methodological Note on the Index of Localism
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