Relativistic Astrophysics, 2

The Structure and Evolution of the Universe

Ya. B. Zel'dovich and I. D. Novikov

Relativistic Astrophysics, 2
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Ya. B. Zel'dovich and I. D. Novikov

Translated by Leslie Fishbone
751 pages | © 1983
Cloth $140.00 ISBN: 9780226979571 Published April 1983
Though the kinematics of the evolving universe became known decades ago, research into the physics of processes occurring in the expanding universe received a reliable observational and theoretical basis only in more recent years. These achievements have led in turn to the emergence of new problems, on which an unusually active assault has begun.

This second volume of Relativistic Astrophysics provides a remarkably complete picture of the present state of cosmology. It is a synthesis of the theoretical foundations of contemporary cosmology, which are derived from work in relativity, plasma theory, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, and particle physics. It presents the theoretical work that explains, describes, and predicts the nature of the universe, the physical process that occur in it, the formation of galaxies, the synthesis of the light elements, and the cosmological singularity and the theory of gravitation.

This book, long and eagerly awaited, is essential for everyone whose work is related to cosmology and astrophysics.
Editor's Foreword
Preface to the English Edition
I. The Homogenous, Isotropic Universe: Its Expansion and Geometrical Structure
1. Local Properties of the Homogeneous, Isotropic Cosmological Model
2. Relativistic Theory of the Homogenous, Isotropic Universe
3. The Propagation of Photons and Neutrinos; Obervational Methods for Testing Cosmological Theories
4. The Cosmological Constant
II. Physical Processes in the Hot Universe
5. Introduction to Part II
6. Thermodynamic Equilibrium at the Beginning of the Cosmological Expansion
7. The Kinetics of Elementary-Particle Processes
8. The Radiation-Dominated Plasma and the Relic Radiation
III. Gravitational Instability in Cosmology; Galaxy Formation
9. Introduction to Part III
10. Gravitational Instability in Newtonian Theory
11. Instability in the Hot Model
12. Gravitational Instability in the General Theory of Relativity
13. Statistical Theory
14. The Nonlinear Theory of Perturbations and Thermal Instability
15. Theories of Galaxy Formation
16. Research on Perturbations Using the Relic Radiation
17. Gravitational Waves in Cosmology
IV. Anisotropic Cosmology
18. Introduction to Part IV
19. Very Simple Anisotropic Cosmological Models
20. Matter in an Anisotropic Cosmological Model
21. The Physics of Processes During the Early Stages of Expansion in Anisotropic Models
22. A General Analysis of Homogeneous Cosmological Models
V. The Singularity and New Theoretical Developments
23. The Cosmological Singularity
24. Physical Processes Near a Singularity and Developments in the Theory of Gravitation
Author Index
Subject Index
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