Rebellion in the Backlands

Euclides da Cunha

Rebellion in the Backlands
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Euclides da Cunha

Translated by Samuel Putnam
562 pages | © 1944
Paper $45.00 ISBN: 9780226124445 Published September 1957
E-book $7.00 to $36.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226124452 Published January 2010
Euclides da Cunha's classic account of the brutal campaigns against religious mystic Antonio Conselheiro has been called the Bible of Brazilian nationality.

"Euclides da Cunha went on the campaigns [against Conselheiro] as a journalist and what he returned with and published in 1902 is still unsurpassed in Latin American literature. Cunha is a talent as grand, spacious, entangled with knowledge, curiosity, and bafflement as the country itself. . . . On every page there is a heart of idea, speculation, dramatic observation that tells of a creative mission undertaken, the identity of the nation, and also the creation of a pure and eloquent prose style."—Elizabeth Hardwick, Bartleby in Manhattan
Preliminary Note, by the Author
Part I. The Backlands
I. The Land
II. Man
Part II. The Rebellion
III. The Conflict Begins
IV. The Crossing of Mount Cambaio
V. The Moreira Cesar Expedition
VI. The Fourth Expedition
VII. The Savaget Column
VIII. The Assault
IX. New Phase of the Struggle
X. Last Days
Principal Events of the Canudos Campaign
Author's Notes to the Third Edition
Bibliography of the Works of Euclides da Cunha
Acknowledgments and Editorial Note
List of Botanical and Zoological Terms
List of Terms in Regional Use
Index of Names
Index of Subjects
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