Redeemer Nation

The Idea of America's Millennial Role

Ernest Lee Tuveson

Redeemer Nation
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Ernest Lee Tuveson

252 pages | © 1968
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226819211 Published February 1980
Ernest Tuveson here shows that the idea of the redemptive mission which has motivated so much of the United States foreign policy is as old as the Republic itself. He traces the development of this element of the American heritage from its beginning as a literal interpretation of biblical prophecies. Pointing to the application of the millenarian ideal to successive stages of American history, notably apocalyptic events like the Civil War, Tuveson illustrates its pervasive cultural influences with examples from the writings of Jonathan Edwards, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Timothy Dwight, and Julia Ward Howe, among others.
I. Apocalyptic and History
II. The Rationale of the Millennium
III. The Politics of Providence and the Holy Utopia
IV. When Did Destiny Become Manifest?
V. Chosen Race . . . Chosen People
VI. "The Ennobling War"
Appendix: A Connecticut Yankee in the Mystical Babylon
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