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The Rules of Golf in Plain English, Third Edition

Jeffrey S. Kuhn and Bryan A. Garner

The Rules of Golf in Plain English, Third Edition
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Jeffrey S. Kuhn and Bryan A. Garner

184 pages | 4 x 7 | © 2004, 2008, 2012
Paper $13.00 ISBN: 9780226458212 Published April 2012
E-book $13.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226458229 Published April 2012
"The cry for the simplification of the Rules of Golf is a stock-in-trade of the journalist during the winter months. Countless words on the subject have been poured out to an ever-tolerant public, but still the long-sought simplification does not come."—Henry Longhurst, 1937

The hopes of renowned writer and golfer Henry Longhurst—and millions of golfers before and after him—have finally been realized. In The Rules of Golf in Plain English, Bryan A. Garner, American English language and usage expert, and Jeffrey S. Kuhn, volunteer USGA rules official, have translated the knotty Rules with the encouragement and permission of the United States Golf Association. The result is a modern, readable version that offers, for the first time, clear guidance to both amateurs and professionals.

Based on a 338-word set of thirteen rules written in 1744, the official Rules have grown, over two and a half centuries, to 40,000 words. Numerous contributors and a complex revision process have rendered these Rules so opaque and stylistically inconsistent that a companion volume—the 600-page Decisions on the Rules of Golf—has been published to help golfers navigate them.

Both lawyers and avid golfers, Kuhn and Garner recognized the difficulties that the language of the Rules of Golf created, especially in a sport that expects players to call penalties on themselves. By reworking the Rules line by line, word by word, they have produced an accessible resource that no golfer—from the duffer to the pro—should be without.
Rule 1 The Game
Rule 2 Match Play
Rule 3 Stroke Play
Rule 4 Clubs
Rule 5 The Ball
Rule 6 The Player’s Responsibilities
Rule 7 Practice
Rule 8 Advice and Indicating Line of Play
Rule 9 Information About Strokes Taken
Rule 10 Order of Play
Rule 11 Teeing Ground
Rule 12 Searching for and Identifying Ball
Rule 13 Playing the Ball as It Lies
Rule 14 Striking the Ball
Rule 15 Substituted Ball; Wrong Ball
Rule 16 The Putting Green
Rule 17 The Flagstick
Rule 18 Movement of Ball at Rest
Rule 19 Moving Ball Deflected or Stopped
Rule 20 Procedures for Lifting, Dropping and Placing; Playing from Wrong Place
Rule 21 Cleaning Ball
Rule 22 Ball Interfering With or Assisting Play
Rule 23 Loose Impediments
Rule 24 Interference and Relief from Obstructions
Rule 25 Interference and Relief from Abnormal Ground Conditions, Embedded Ball, or Wrong Putting Green
Rule 26 Water Hazards
Rule 27 Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball
Rule 28 Unplayable Ball
Rule 29 Threesomes and Foursomes
Rule 30 Three-Ball, Best-Ball, and Four-Ball Match Play
Rule 31 Four-Ball Stroke Play
Rule 32 Bogey, Par, and Stableford Competitions
Rule 33 The Committee
Rule 34 Disputes and Decisions
Rule 35 Definitions
Appendix 1. Penalty Summary Chart
Appendix 2. Golf Etiquette
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