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Prelude to Protectorate in Morocco

Pre-Colonial Protest and Resistance, 1860-1912

Edmund Burke, III

Prelude to Protectorate in Morocco

Edmund Burke, III

328 pages | 4 maps | © 1977
E-book $10.00 to $30.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226080840 Published February 2009
At last we are beginning to learn as much about the French empire as the British, so that generalizations about imperialism need not continue to be skewed, as they hav,e been in the past, by drawing too many of our data from the British experience. The present study makes a major contribution in this direction, providing as it does the first nearly definitive account of a central series of episodes in the French, African, and Islamic experiences with imperialism.
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1. State and Society in Precolonial Morocco

2. Morocco and the West, 1860-1900

3. The Era of the Traveling Salesmen

4. The Crisis of 1905 and the Emergence of Resistance

5. The Origins and Development of the J:lafiZ;iya, 1905-1908

6. 'Abd al-J:Iafiz; in Power

7. Reform and Rebellion

8. The Fez Mutiny and the Revolt of EI Hiba

9. Patterns of Precolonial Protest and Resistance

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