Cloth $57.50 ISBN: 9780226682846 Published December 1990


The Old Guard and the Avant-Garde

Modernism in Chicago, 1910-1940

Edited by Sue Ann Prince

The Old Guard and the Avant-Garde

Edited by Sue Ann Prince

304 pages | 20 color photos, 120 halftones | © 1990
Cloth $57.50 ISBN: 9780226682846 Published December 1990
"The Old Guard and the Avant-Garde: Modernism in Chicago, 1910-1940 brings together the history and the critical reaction to the new developments in art and design, places them in the context of conservative yet innovative Chicago at the turn of the century, and explores the tensions between tradition and innovation. The individual essays present the best in specialized current research, yet one can clearly understand the impact of modernism on the broader intellectual and cultural life of the city. I eagerly await as cohesive and thorough an analysis of the subject for New York."—David Sokol, University of Chicago

"This is fresh and fascinating research about the ups and downs of modernism in Chicago, a city where art students reportedly once hung Matisse in effigy. Regional studies like this one broaden our understanding of how the art world has worked outside of New York and gives depth to a story we know too narrowly. Applause all the way around."—Wanda M. Corn, Stanford University
1. The Chicago Setting
Neil Harris
2. "A Modest Young Man with Theories": Arthur Dove and Chicago, 1912
Ann Lee Morgan
3. Lorado Taft, the Ferguson Fund, and the Advent of Modernism
Allen Weller
4. Modernism and Chicago Art: 1910-1940
Susan S. Weininger
5. Declarations of Independents: Chicago's Alternative Art Groups of the 1920s
Paul Kruty
6. "Of the Which and the Why of Daub and Smear": Chicago Critics Take On Modernism
Sue Ann Prince
7. Modernism and Design in Chicago
Lloyd C. Engelbrecht
8. The Little Review: Early Years and Avant-Garde Ideas
Susan Noyes Platt
9. The Katharine Kuh Gallery: An Informal Portrait
Avis Berman
10. Traditions and Trends: Taste Patterns in Chicago Collecting
Stefan Germer
11. "In the Highest Efficiency": Art Training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Charlotte Moser
12. From the Armory Show to the Century of Progress: The Art Institute Assimilates Modernism
Richard R. Brettell and Sue Ann Prince
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