Cloth $57.50 ISBN: 9780226735757 Published March 1996

The Nietzsche Canon

A Publication History and Bibliography

William H. Schaberg

The Nietzsche Canon

William H. Schaberg

298 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1996
Cloth $57.50 ISBN: 9780226735757 Published March 1996
Although the past several years have witnessed an outpouring of scholarship on nearly every aspect of Nietzsche's thought, a portrait of Nietzsche as author has been conspicuously lacking. Here, William H. Schaberg presents a detailed publication history and biography of Nietzsche as author and an equally comprehensive annotated bibliography of his work. Schaberg describes how and why Nietzsche's books were written, when and by whom they were published, and how many copies were printed and sold, a story set against the background of publishing practice in nineteenth-century Germany. Schaberg establishes a genealogy of Nietzsche's works and clarifies the relationships between those works, an understanding of which is essential to any informed opinion of his philosophy.

Included for the first time in any language is an extensive account of Nietzsche's finances and his relationships with his publishers. Schaberg reveals a man who was obsessed with money, fought bitterly with his publishers, complained about his readers, and all the while continued to produce more and more books that went unread. He also reveals the influential role of Nietzsche's sister Elizabeth, who provoked disputes between Nietzsche and his publisher during her brother's lifetime and deliberately falsified information after his death.
Part I - The Publication History
1. Preliminaries
The German Book Trade in the Nineteenth Century
What Is a "Book" and What Belongs in the Canon?
The Problem of Publication Dates
2. Philologica
Eight Philological Articles and Eight Reviews
Homer and Classical Philology
Contribution toward the Study and the Critique of the Sources of Diogenes Laertius
3. The Book on Genius
Socrates and Greek Tragedy
The Birth of Tragedy
The Rheinisches Museum Index
A New Year's Word for the Editor of the Weekly Paper "In The New Reich"
Unconventional Observations
David Strauss the Confessor and the Writer
Exhortation to the German People
The Use and Disadvantage of History for Life
The Printing of the Second Edition of The Birth of Tragedy
The New Publisher
Schopenhauer as Educator
Schmeitzner Acquires the First Two Observations
The French Translation of Schopenhauer
Richard Wagner in Bayreuth
The French Translation of Richard Wagner in Bayreuth
The End of the Unconventional Observations
4. The Book for Free Spirits
Human, All Too Human
Schmeitzner Acquires the First Two Editions of The Birth of Tragedy
Human, All Too Human. A Supplement: Mixed Opinions and Maxims
Nietzsche's Retirement
The Wanderer and His Shadow
Idylls of Messina
The Gay Science
5. The Books of the Overman
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Zarathustra I
Zarathustra II
Zarathustra III
Zarathustra IV
The Lawsuit against Schmeitzner
6. Beyond Zarathustra
Beyond Good and Evil
New Editions, New Prefaces, an Old Publisher
Hymn to Life
On the Genealogy of Morals
7. The Final Works
The Case of Wagner
Publishing Donations from His Friends
The Final Argument with Fritzsch
The Kunstwart Letters
Twilight of the Idols
Nietzsche contra Wagner
Dionysian Dithyrambs
The Antichrist
Ecce homo
8. In Conclusion
The Nachlass "Book": The Will to Power
A Final Accounting: Nietzsche in October of 1893
Part II - The Bibliography
9. Bibliography of the Nietzsche Canon
A Personal Note
The Bibliography and Previous Scholarship
The Annotated Bibliography
Works Cited
Index of Nietzsche's Works
Subject Index

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