Names and Substance in the Australian Subsection System

C. G. von Brandenstein

Names and Substance in the Australian Subsection System
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C. G. von Brandenstein

216 pages | © 1983
Cloth $35.00 ISBN: 9780226864815 Published November 1982
In this volume, which has been hailed as a major breakthrough in understanding the meaning of the elaborate kinship systems currently existing in Australian Aboriginal societies, C. G. von Brandenstein argues that such systems refer to an archaic theory of "world order" common to all these societies. This controversial conclusion is based on native testimony and on a sophisticated linguistic analysis of a vast quantity of data collected by the author and others.

Though the author has restricted the results of his research to Aboriginal Australia, his methodological approach is generalizable. Hence this work will be of importance to specialists in many areas.
1. Concerning Selected Other Works
2. Aboriginal Opinion I
Words for Totem
Moiety Areas
Section Areas
3. The Subsection Model
4. The Systems Grouped
List 1: Diagrams of the Subsection Systems
5. Subsection Names for the Uninitiated
List II
6. All Subsection Names Listed
List III
7. The Meaning
8. The Rainbow Mystery
9. Introduction to the Maps
10. The Diffusion
The Place of Origin
The Case of the Eastern Sections
Northern Centre - Gulf of Carpentaria
Into Arnhem Land
Within Subsection Group 2
11. Subsection Shift
(i) From Moieties to Sections
(ii) From Moieties to Subsections
(iii) From Sections to Subsections
(iv) From Semi-Moieties to Subsections
12. Aboriginal Opinion II
Subsection Areas
13. Totem Affiliation I
Symbolic Colour Schemes
The Four-Flying Foxes
The Four Types of Honey
The Clouds
The Winds
Totem Affiliation II
The Two Ant-Hills, The Two Dogs
The Dugong Couple, The Two Emus
Fire, Two Goannas
The Kangaroo Couple, Sun and Moon
14. Totem Affiliation III
Subsection Totem Lists I, II, III
15. Summary and Conclusion
Addenda and Corrigenda
Index of Tribal or Language Names
Index of Names of Other Peoples
Index of Geographical Names
Maps I - V
1 Plate
4 Figures
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