Montesquieu's Philosophy of Liberalism

A Commentary on The Spirit of the Laws

Thomas L. Pangle

Montesquieu's Philosophy of Liberalism
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Thomas L. Pangle

352 pages | 1 halftone | © 1973
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780226645452 Published July 1989
This first comprehensive commentary on The Spirit of the Laws uncovers and explicates the plan of Montesquieu's famous but baffling treatise. Pangle brings to light Montesquieu's rethinking of the philosophical groundwork of liberalism, showing how The Spirit of the Laws enlarges and enriches the liberal conception of natural right by means of a new appeal to History as the source of basic norms.
1. Introduction
2. Montesquieu's Style and Manner of Writing
3. Human Nature and Natural Law
4. Participatory Republicanism
5. Liberal Republicanism
6. The Obstacles to Freedom: Climate, Geography, and History
7. Commerce and the Charm of National Diversity
8. Religion
9. Natural Law and the Prudence of the Legislator
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