The Mosaic Decoration of San Marco, Venice

Otto Demus

Otto Demus

278 pages | 90 color plates, 89 halftones | 9 x 12 | © 1988
Cloth $113.00 ISBN: 9780226142913 Published November 1988
Decorated with the richest, most beautiful mosaics in the world, the Venetian church of San Marco is quite literally a treasure house of medieval art. The domes and walls of the church, encrusted with stone, glass, and gold, have been recognized, over the centuries, as a glorious historical and artistic record. Peopled with hundreds and figures—Adam and Eve, Noah and his progeny, Isaiah, Christ, Mark, of course, and other holy men and women of Venice—these mosaics create a cosmic panorama. The Mosaic Decoration of San Marco, Venice brings these unrivaled mosaics into breathtaking focus, combining a descriptive history of their creation and repair over the ages with close-up photographs revealing their iconographic detail.
List of Illustration
1. History and Critical Survey of the Building and Its Mosaics
2. Main Porch
3. Main Apse and Apse of the Cappella Zen
4. First Phase of the East Dome
5. Choir Chapels
6. North Dome
7. South Vault
8. South Dome and Single Figures of Saints
9. Miracles of Christ
10. Life of the Virgin and Infancy of Christ
11. West Dome
12. Second Phase of the East Dome
13. Central Dome
14. West Vault
15. Lives of the Apostles
16. Program and Decorative System
17. Thirteenth-Century Mosaics of the Interior
18. The Mosaics of the Atrium: Setting and Subject Matter
19. The Genesis Mosaics and the Cotton Genesis Minatures
20. The Mosaics of the Atrium: Composition, Iconography, and Style
21. Mosaics in the Vault of the Cappella Zen
22. Facade Mosaics
23. Development of Mosaic Art in San Marco
Color Plates
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