Malraux, the Absolute Agnostic; or, Metamorphosis as Universal Law

Claude Tannery

Malraux, the Absolute Agnostic; or, Metamorphosis as Universal Law
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Claude Tannery

Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan
333 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1991
Cloth $67.00 ISBN: 9780226789620 Published January 1992
Moving beyond merely biographical or textual interpretation, Claude Tannery traces the philosophy of life and art developed by André Malraux. With both sensitivity and expert interpretation he defines the issues—personal and artistic as well as political—that underlie Malraux's writings—including early as well as late works, novels, speeches, and essays. The result is a new and subtle portrait of Malraux.
Translator's Note
Part One - Questioning Man
1. The Tragic Existence of Man
2. The Tyranny of the Individual
Part Two - Action or the Absurd
3. Action, or Rejection of the Absurd
4. Rejection of Individual Intoxications
5. The Revolution
Part Three - Lyrical Illusion
6. Fraternity Scorned
7. History as Fatality
8. Man Consumed by the Masses
9. Lyrical Illusion
Part Four - The Metamorphosis of Culture
10. A Metamorphosis of Man
11. Culture: An Agreement of Sensibilities
12. Discontinuous History
13. A Fraternal Consciousness
14. A Fellowship of Difference
15. Reconciled Man
Part Five - Metamorphosis as Universal Law
16. Art Is Not an Antidestiny
17. Religions Are Also Mortal
18. Metamorphosis as Universal Law
19. The Absolute Agnostic
Works by André Malraux
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