Musica Duorum

Romano Eustachio

Romano Eustachio

200 pages | 17 plates | © 1974
Cloth $185.00 ISBN: 9780226226460 Published February 1975
The Musica duorum of the composer Eustachio Romano, also known as Eustachius de Macionibus, was issued in Rome in 1521. Eustachio, who was a nobleman as well as a composer, dedicated this volume to the future Pope Julius III, offering these small chamber works to refresh the prelate's spirits when he tired of weightier studies. These light, playful duos were collected in the first publication ever devoted entirely to music for instrumental ensemble.
I. The Book
The Title Page and the Table of Contents
Dedication and Patron
Colophon and Printer
II. The Composer and His Namesake
Eustachio Romano: His Family and His Name
Eustachius de Monte Regali
III. The Frottole
Frottole Published by Petrucci
Frottole Published by Antico
IV. The Music for Two
Melodic Style and Counterpoint
Ranges and Modes
Erasmus Rotenbucher's Texts
V. The Performance of Eustachio's Duets
VI. Eustachio's Historical Position
VII. The Edition
Musica Duorum
Appendix I. Manuscript Additions in the Vienna Copy
Appendix II. Frottle by Eustachio Romano and by Eustachius de Monte Regali Gallus
Thematic Index of Musica Duorum
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