Men Who Made a New Physics

Physicists and the Quantum Theory

Barbara Lovett Cline

Men Who Made a New Physics
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Barbara Lovett Cline

288 pages | 20 halftones, 3 line drawings | © 1965, 1987
Paper $29.00 ISBN: 9780226110271 Published June 1987
Cline recounts the development of quantum theory, capturing the atmosphere of argument and discovery among physicists in the 1920s. She explores the backgrounds of the major figures—Rutherford, Bohr, Planck, Einstein—separately, but draws them together as they begin to consider each other's questions about the nature of matter.
1. Ernest Rutherford: Discovery of the Nucleus
2. Ernest Rutherford: Radioactivity
3. Max Planck: Pursuit of an "Absolute"
4. Max Planck: The Quantum Theory
5. Albert Einstein: Work of 1905
6. Niels Bohr: Early Quantum Theory of the Atom
7. Niels Bohr: Early Days of Atomic Physics
8. Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, and Bohr's Institute
9. An Introduction to Modern Quantum Theory
10. Creation of Quantum Mechanics
11. Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
12. Albert Einstein: The General Theory of Relativity
13. The Debate Between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein
14. Afterward
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